Sunday, November 2, 2014


 Please watch once again, even if it causes outrage, the German so-called Mass which you can view:


Then compare it to the symbolism of this clip from Walt Disney's  Pinocchio. This scene if quite frightening for a children's movie. I can't help but wonder about its veiled symbolism of a pedophile turning boys into donkeys through sexual abuse. Am I the only one that sees this symbolism in this clip as a veiled warning to parents and children of the period in which this film was produced?


Gene said...

It is difficult to say…certainly there is a sinister tone to the first section of the clip. But, it is certainly no worse than Dickens' "Oliver Twist" or the ridiculous, light-hearted movie version, "Oliver." On the other hand, Disney has long been filled with homos, perverts, and other anomalous types. Neither of my children let their kids watch anything Disney, and they certainly do not watch it at my house. My last trip (and I do mean LAST) to Disney World, I dropped my wallet and kicked it all the way back to the truck. BTW, English is a second language there. Sheesh!

John Nolan said...

This is not the liturgical norm in Germany. Apart from anything else, the Greek Trisagion of Good Friday is hardly suitable for Pentecost. In any case, it should be alternated between Greek and Latin - 'Hagios o Theos; Sanctus Deus' and so on, and is a refrain for the important chant verses that follow.

There is a tendency in 'liturgical' music since V2 to indulge in needless repetitions. This often takes the form (as in Taize chants) of a repetitive mantra which is alien to the western musical tradition and is designed to dull the senses rather than enhance them. The above repetition of the Greek text is a case in point.

Can music be heretical? I believe it can.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

The point I am making is the link between liturgical abuse and sexual abuse of minors even if it is homosexual abuse of adolescent boys. The one doing the abuse turns the minor into a jackass.

The video of the Mass has the priest doing so liturgically, getting the altar boys to do the Jackass looking things they are doing along with the other accomplices.

That's abuse!

Rood Screen said...

I suppose there could be a sort of connection. At any rate, both liturgical and sexual abuse are bad, must be stopped, and the victims allowed to recover as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have no idea what they are doing in the first clip. What strikes me first is the absolute barrenness of the church and altar, and the ridiculous large orb behind the altar which I suppose is a giant host. The place is as sterile as a hospital surgical room.
As for the whirling, I think it is absurd, and almost could visualize dunce caps on them all. Can you imagine what the Apostles must think of this, given what they experienced on that day of Pentecost, and what they suffered for the Faith? Instead we have Mass as theater in the round. No thank you.
Anyway, given Cardinal Kaspar's antics at the recent synod I guess I shouldn't be surprised at this "Mass." (I don't know why they didn't have hats that had propane torches on them so we could get a better idea of Pentecost. I mean, we need to reenact the feasts, right?)
As for the Disney clip, no, I don't see the sexual abuse aspect. I don't remember the movie well enough to say for sure, but I think the whole scene in context is Pinocchio wants to become a real boy, and is drawn to vice as a possible road to it; gambling, drinking, smoking and being a smart aleck and so on, but the symbolism is that immorality makes you a jackass, and eventually you become a slave, not free. I think the scene is in fact a very moral lesson, ala St. John Bosco's dreams.
Disney was pretty innocent in those days, and truly moral, not like now.

Anonymous said...

Fr. McD, I think your vow of celibacy has taken a toll on you.