Thursday, March 21, 2019


He is articulate, has many Catholic sensibilities being Catholic educated, but he also has a “husband”.
Liberal Protestantism needs to be true to its identity. Catholicism need not lose her crystal clear identity built upon Divine Truth, Who, btw, is Jesus Christ.
Not everyone has to be Catholic if they reject the fullness of Divine Truth, Jesus Christ. They can go to where they feel they belong, inclusive of like minded, do it my way, Christians.

However, Catholics who embrace the fullness of Divine Truth, aka, Jesus Christ, need to know how to engage and relate to good people who live by a “do it my way” Chrristianity, aka, Protestantism be it liberal or conservative or some other kind of concoction.

We don’t need to denigrate them or their do it my way religion and we need not proselytize them or God forbid, become like these new fangled concocted religions. In other words, Catholicism need not cyncretize, can not, may not, must not, is forbidden to do do so with Protestantism no matter its various incarnations.
(From the Deacon’s Bench:) Here’s the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg — a very young, progressive, gay (he has a husband) Democrat — who is exploring running for president. I can’t imagine he’ll get far; and certainly, for Catholics, his positions are opposed to Church teaching on many critical issues, including abortion.
But…he spoke today on morning TV about what he believes it means to be a Christian — drawing on what he learned from, among other places, his Catholic school education.


TJM said...

This guy is a another left-wing loon with a pleasant demeanor. There is no there, there. He also went to Catholic High School when they abandoned any pretext of teaching Catholicism. I know from personal experience.

Anonymous said...

No there there...?

Well.... Harvard graduate (Phi Beta Kappa), Rhodes scholar, officer US Navy Reserve, served in Afghanistan, plays piano and guitar, speaks Norwegian and is conversant in Spanish, Italian, Maltese, Dari, Arabic, and French. writes a good article about how much "there" is "there."

Dan said...

Wow!!! Anonymous, if the guy is that talented, you just KNOW he's got to have it right spiritually.

Anonymous said...

Correct link:

Anonymous said...

"Wow!!! Anonymous, if the guy is that talented, you just KNOW he's got to have it right spiritually."

Nope. But the original comment was made in ignorance and begged for correction.

TJM said...

Anonymous Kavanaugh, the snob, is obviously more impressed with credentials than I am. I work in the top 1% of my profession and have seen all sorts of credentialed people who consistently are mistaken. He has credentials but is not educated. He believes all of the liberal nostrums, many of which are contrary to logic, nature, and many of which are intrinsic evils. Grow up

Anonymous said...

Yes, being an officer in the US Navy Reserve is a worthless credential.

Oh, and that active duty service in Afghanistan is a credential that can be ignored.

Being named a Rhodes Scholar - well, we have no reason to take that credential into account.

Being conversant in Dari, a version of Farsi, is one of his worthless credentials. I wonder if that ability came into play since he worked in counterintelligence and was awarded the Joint Service Commendation Medal for that counterterrorism work? Oh, that's just another worthless thingamajig, I am sure.

And the good he has done as mayor of South Bend - if you read the Indy Star article you will longer be ignorant - well, that's just so much window dressing.

The Egyptian said...


I'm sure you realize that Satan himself is also quite "credentialed" And by listening to the gospel the other Sunday he is also quite good at dong "wondrous" things

Anonymous said...

So, Egyptian, you don't share Mr. TJM's conclusion that Mayor Buttigieg's credentials are meaningless, that he is not educated, and that his accomplishments are irrelevant?

Or, you do?

I'm confused...

Dan said...

Anonymous, is this blog about CATHOLICISM? Why are we supposed to care about this guys accomplishments again?

However, before you disregard other peoples opinions on this blog, maybe you should ask them about their accomplishments - if they are important to you.

TJM said...

Anonymous Kavanaugh, the snob

The Indy Star is a left-wing rag, so I am not surprised they are slobbering all over him. If he were a republican with the same credentials and "accomplishments" they would say he is out of touch with reality or something.

I have family and friends in South Bend who said "Mr. Brilliant" has done a great job screwing up the flow of traffic with his bike baths in the downtown area. So he may not be as "popular" as you think. I guess Mr. Brilliant does not realize South Bend aint' Chicago or New York. South Bend also has a dangerously high crime rate which he has done nothing about. Many credentialed people are not practical and lack common sense.

Anonymous said...

From CityData for South Bend, Indiana

The current mayor assumed office 12 January 2012

Murders 2002 = 20
Murders 2015 = 17

Rapes 2002 = 93
Rapes 2015 = 88

Robberies 2002 = 354
Robberies 2015 - 350

Assaults 2002 = 353
Assaults 2016 = 265

Burglaries 2002 = 1826
Burglaries 2015 - 1430

Thefts 2002 = 4983
Thefts 2015 = 3612

Auto Theft 2002 = 574
Auto Theft 2015 = 368

Arson 2002 = 69
Arson 2015 = 34

"South Bend also has a dangerously high crime rate which he has done nothing about" Seems to be a statement not backed up by facts.

TJM said...

Kavanaugh aka Inspector Clouseau:

According to this South Bend is 49th in the Top 100 most dangerous cities in America. FYI, there are close to 20,000 cities in the US. Wow, what an endorsement. I want to move their immediately! Even YOUR statistics are appalling.

Do you and MT work together on your cutting and pasting operations?

TJM said...

Anonymous Who Know Who,

The statistics you cite are appalling and nothing to brag about. You may have missed this, however:

South Bend is ranked 49th of the top 100 most dangerous cities in the US. Keep in mind there are almost 20,000 cities in the US.

Dan said...

Now, now, anonymous, the drop in crimes may not be due to ANY influence or action by the mayor. The drop may simply be due to global warming. But as an objective and supremely intelligent individual, I'm sure you already knew that the data may not reflect any influence by the mayor. No harm trying though.

I'm due for a laugh. Any Huffpost links?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the "flow of traffic" in South Bend, "In 2017, the National Complete Streets Coalition, a program of Smart Growth America, named South Bend as a Safe Streets Academy Winner, one of 3 nationwide winners of a competitive new program intended to help cities make tangible progress toward building safer streets for all of their residents by constructing temporary neighborhood traffic calming measures/devices in neighborhood."

TJM - Maybe your relatives don't like safer streets for all of their residents.

As to Mayor Buttigieg being popular, in the 2015 election he won 8,369 votes. His challenger got 2,405. In his first election in 2011, he got 7,663 votes.

Now I don't know how you read those numbers, but getting more votes for his second term than he did for his first seems to indicate to me - and to any reasonable person - that he is, indeed, as "popular" as I think.


Anonymous said...

TJM - Yes, South Bend is a dangerous place. But your claim was, "South Bend also has a dangerously high crime rate which he has done nothing about."

To that I responded with the data that shows that your claim is incorrect. Crime is down in the years Buttigieg has been mayor.

Dan, I am open to any data you may offer suggesting that the mayor has had little or nothing to do with lower crime rates in South Bend.

Not convinced yet said...

Might Post hoc ergo propter hoc come into play here?
Let's not give the mayor credit yet until some persuasive evidence is forthcoming.

TJM said...

Anonymous Kavanaugh,

So some left-wing loon organization awards SB an award because it fits the organization's agenda. Kind of like organization's like Nobel awarding a peace prize to a guy even before he assumed office and could influence world events.You are a typical liberal, spouting off about an environment you know nothing about. My family is very prominent in SB and I will go with what they say, not some lefty organization. I drive there from time to time and I agree with my family's assessment.

Only an ideologue would defend SB's crime rate. Your statistics are from 2015, 4 years stale, and crime has gotten worse in SB, not better. You really think being known as the 49th out of the top 100 most dangerous cities in the US is something to crow about, particularly when there are almost 20,000 cities in the US? FYI, the vast majority of the major cities in the US are Democratically controlled cesspools, but folks like you think they should be running the US. If this mayor were a Republican, you would be screeching how dangerous SB is and demanding what is the mayor going to do to improve conditions.

As for being "popular" SB is a Democratic, Abortion Party, stronghold. The last time a Republican was elected mayor there was in 1964, when the City still had a majority of rational people living there. That should make you happy, because you support the Abortion Party.

Anonymous said...

If your prominent family in South bend is anything like you - and I hope they are not - but if they are I suspect that even the mention of a bicycle lane would send them into paroxysms of anger and a rush to judgment regarding traffic. So, I'm not giving their opinion too much credit.

The crime stats I posted were the latest I could find in a quick search. Do you have data since 2015 to support your claim that the mayor has done nothing about the crime rate?

I think being 49th is better than being 1st through 48th. It's not good, but, again, your claim that the mayor has done nothing needs some factual support.

I understand that, when you say the mayor is not as popular as I think, what you actually mean is "I don't like him." His popularity with the people who matter, the voters in South Bend, is pretty self-evident, Trumpian "alternative facts" notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

Not Convinced -

Conversely, is TJM too quick to blame the mayor? Has he provided evidence that Buttigieg has caused any increase in crime in South Bend?

Dan said...

Anonymous just because the crime rate dropped while this guy was mayor is NOT proof of a linkage.

I'm still certain it was global warming, but I'm not going to bother posting proof so I can fit in with guys as smart as you.

TJM said...

Anonymous Kavanaugh keeps dancing around the facts which point to the fact that SB is dangerous, that the mayor has not made a dent in it at all in a meaningful way (he gets a pass because he's a Dem just like in murder central, Chicago, where Democrats keep shooting Democrats, but miraculously they are able to vote from the grave). To be the number 49 most dangerous city in the US out of almost 20,000 would only be a resume enhancer in Dem World.

The bike paths in the downtown of SB have resulted in the loss of one lane of traffic in each direction, when previously there were two. So the Global Warmers are now creating congestion, where before there was hardly any. All for the one or two bikes which might appear within the afternoon! Another brilliant example of lib logic.

But you know how the Dems accuse republicans are Nazis, here is an article they might consider reading which basically says, the people screeching about others are Nazis are the true heirs to the Nazi worldview:

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous just because the crime rate dropped while this guy was mayor is NOT proof of a linkage."

Indeed. And just because the crime rate has gone p while this guy is mayor is NOT proof that he has, as TJM stated, "done nothing."

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous Kavanaugh keeps dancing around the facts which point to the fact that SB is dangerous..."

Nope, I've acknowledged it at least twice.

"TJM - Yes, South Bend is a dangerous place." March 21, 7:48 PM


"I think being 49th is better than being 1st through 48th. It's not good,..." March 22, 6:34 AM

TJM said...


The artful dodger who does not deal with inconvenient facts. Clericalism on steroids. Sad