Tuesday, March 19, 2019


This is probably a wise move by the Holy Father. Secular governments and court systems are seizing the opportunity given them to marginalize the Church by placing on trial cardinals and bishops and often with little or no evidence to support convictions. This has happened consistently over the history of the Church and thus the Church must be very careful not to allow these kinds of things ruin reputations and the mission of the Church.

What say you?

Pope Francis refuses to accept resignation of cardinal convicted of sex abuse cover-up

(Catholic Herald) The cardinal travelled to Rome to present his resignation to the Pope personally
Pope Francis has not accepted the resignation of Cardinal Philippe Barbarin as Archbishop of Lyon.

The cardinal travelled to Rome to present his resignation to the Pope after he was convicted by a French court of covering up sexual abuse committed by a priest. He received a six-month suspended sentence, but is appealing the conviction.

In a statement on Tuesday, the cardinal said: “By invoking the presumption of innocence, [Pope Francis] did not want to accept this resignation.”

However, the statement added that vicar general Fr Yves Baumgarten will temporarily take over the running of the diocese.

Holy See press office director Alessandro Gisotti also issued a statement saying: “I can confirm that the Holy Father has not accepted the resignation presented by Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyon.

“Mindful, however, of the challenges currently facing the archdiocese, the Holy Father left the Cardinal Barbarin free to take the most appropriate decision for his diocese. Cardinal Barbarin has therefore decided to step back for a while and ask Father Yves Baumgarten, Vicar General, to take the leadership of the diocese.

“The Holy See wishes to reiterate its proximity to the victims of abuse, with the faithful of the Archdiocese of Lyon with all the Church of France living painful hours.”


ByzRC said...

Agree. The man is currently innocent which, might also be proven within the court system. Until such time that his status changes, secular government shouldn't be determining staffing within the Church (except for China, PRC, of course).

TJM said...

The Pope standing up against left-wing loonism? Wow, will he condemn the US Democratic Party aka the Abortion Party next?

rcg said...

Well, TJM, can you imagine the rush for the exits if he didn’t? FWIW, I think it is good to stick with him but I think the Church has missed an opportunity to show how to deal with this other than covering up. But the opportunity is still golden so the Vatican should get on it. Same for Cardinal Pell. It isn’t obvious that he is guilty or innocent based on the accounts I can find. And priests like FrAJM are concerned he will be accused and unable to prove innocence in the insane media atmosphere. I feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

He is not “currently innocent,” he was convicted. Deny, obfuscate, cover up, attack the accusers. Maybe it’s time for a new game plan, as the current one is a disaster for the Faith.

TJM said...


There have been many instances throughout history where clerics have been convicted in show trials. Remember Josef Cardinal Mindzenty? Many "liberal" countries today are aping the tactics of the Communists. Look no further than American college campuses if you want some prime examples, e.g. Duke basketball team.

TJM said...

I suspect Anonymous was Kavanaugh who runs away when confronted with facts. Well what about the Mindzenty show trial?

Anonymous said...

TJM: I don’t understand. What has the Duke basketball team been convicted of? Please cite evidence.

TJM said...

Anonymous Kavanaugh,

My memory was mistaken it was the Duke LaCrosse Team that was falsely charged. The Title IX kangaroo court went after them, the New York Slimes went into high dungeon, all the lefty professors at Duke were having orgasms over it, and then, when the actual criminal justice system got involved, guess what?


But liberals are so desperate to believe their narratives, they leap to wild conclusions and get ahead of the story.

But I would like your thoughts on the Mindzenty show trial from which the university libs obviously learned their smear machine lessons. Kind of like what we saw in the Justice Kavanaugh hearings.