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The good, the bad and the merciful: Pope Francis after six years


 In the Father Thomas Reese, SJ la la land summary of the good, the bad and the merciful of Pope Francis, ( press the link above for the National Chismatic Reporters, ncr, article) he says this:

I am a big fan of Francis, in part because I think that any evaluation of his first six years as pope shows that his accomplishments outweigh his failings.

First, his accomplishments.

Francis has successfully rebranded the Catholic Church, which had come to be regarded as a clerical institution that stressed rules and uniformity. If you wanted to be a good Catholic, you were given the catechism to memorize and told to follow the rules.

My comments: Of course this hearkens back to the 70's and the coloring book catechesis of that era. Keep them stupid and you can manipulate the hell out of them even to the point of convincing them that illicit sex with a priest is okay if the priest says it is okay, after all, you have no idea what the Church actually teaches and you don't need to follow the rules. Make it up as you go and according to circumstances and personal needs, no matter how perverted.

This is clericalism Fr. Reese. How else do bleeding heart progressives convince children and adults 2+2=5?

Progressives of his ilk decried Pope John Paul II's Catechism of the Catholic Church exactly for the reason that Fr. Reese writes above.

Yes, keep them stupid! You can manipulate them and even give them poison-laced Kool-Aide, because Kool-Aid tastes great, can't wait!



TJM said...

LOL - keep drinking that Kool-Aid fake priest Reese. ZERO awareness

Dan said...

So this is the CATHOLIC Church praising religion that doesn't bother stressing rules and unity?

I guess the shepherds finally figured out that disunity and confusion is what really makes mankind (or is that humankind - oops there's that "man" again - "hu-person kind?) holy.

I'm confused. I guess that means I'm a saint.

Anyway let's pretend the Catholic Church is still Catholic, and there's nothing different about Francis.

Dan said...

If I may vent.

Having lived through VII watching the oasis of peace and reverence be destroyed, and now Francis, I'm beginning to think the shepherds have it in for the Faith.

Idiots fault the pre VII mass as lacking in participation by the laity. Ha! People were quietly enjoying a mystical experience. Even if they prayed the rosary they felt God's nearness.

Now, we got guitars, gabbing, kids eating snacks, single mothers breastfeeding (Francis sanctioned) and all the rest. We're so "involved" we don't even have time to think about God.

Much, much, better... thanks shepherds.

Anonymous said...

Single mothers breastfeeding is sanctioned by God.

He made the process.

Anonymous said...

The Nursing Madonna, Virgo Lactans, or Madonna Lactans, is an iconography of the Madonna and Child in which the Virgin Mary is shown breastfeeding the infant Jesus.

The depiction is mentioned by Pope Gregory the Great, and a mosaic depiction probably of the 12th century is on the facade of Santa Maria in Trastevere in Rome, though few other examples survive from before the late Middle Ages. It continued to be found in Orthodox icons (as Galaktotrophousa in Greek, Mlekopitatelnitsa in Russian), especially in Russia.

Usage of the depiction seems to have revived with the Cistercian Order in the 12th century, as part of the general upsurge in Marian theology and devotion. Milk was seen as "processed blood", and the milk of the Virgin to some extent paralleled the role of the Blood of Christ.

In the Middle Ages, the middle and upper classes usually contracted breastfeeding out to wetnurses, and the depiction of the Nursing Madonna was linked with the Madonna of Humility, a depiction that showed the Virgin in more ordinary clothes than the royal robes shown, for instance, in images of the Coronation of the Virgin, and often seated on the ground. The appearance of a large number of such depictions in Tuscany in the early 14th century was something of a visual revolution for the theology of the time, compared to the Queen of Heaven depictions; they were also popular in Iberia. After the Council of Trent in the mid-16th century, clerical writers discouraged nudity in religious subjects, and the use of the Madonna Lactans iconography began to fade away.

Dan said...

Ha, I'm not upset about the breastfeeding... it's about the fact of out of wedlock motherhood being culturally approved.

I was testing to even see if the "out of wedlock" clicked with anyone in today's culture.

I didn't think it would.

Carol H. said...


God did not sanction the marital act before marriage. The Blessed Virgin Mary was NOT a single mother. God made the process for married women who become mothers.

Fr Martin Fox said...

I'm not sure why we're talking about breastfeeding, even by single mothers. Sex should stay in marriage, absolutely, but after the sin is repented of and absolved, there will still be single mothers, and all that goes with that.

Father Reese may be a nice person in real life, but his writing is annoying. He objects (rightly) to "infantilizing the laity," but then talks about how terrible it is to use "complex formulas" like "consubstantial." Do you think the laity can handle another word: "condescending," Father Reese?

One pictures Father Reese at the Council of Nicea, shrugging as he says, "homoousias, homoiousias, who cares?" And then St. Nicholas slaps him.

TJM said...

Father Fox,


Reese reminds me of Bishop Trautperson (man) who said Latin and big words were "too hard" for the laity. What arrogance. Near my lake home is simple country Catholic Church. The laity there sings the Kyrie in Greek, the Sanctus and Agnus Dei in Latin and they do it quite well. As a matter of fact they sing those portions of the Ordinary far better than they do the hymns. Also, they say the Nicene Creed with the words "incarnate and consubstantial" and no one clutches their pearls or runs away in horror. I suspect Reese and Trautman would be the only ones to do so.