Wednesday, December 22, 2021



Okay, all you naysayers! If it is kosher for the Ordinariate Mass, why not the Ordinary form. Why should they get the good stuff and we are given the scraps!

I can't post this video directly to my blog for some reason, but if you press the link, you will see the Youtube video of an Ordinariate Mass with a bishop, but here is the link:

Prayers at the foot of the altar!

The Missal at the Epistle side of the altar from which the Collect is prayed and evidently the Introit quietly!

The Missal is transferred to the Gospel side but the bishop reads the Gospel at the ambo!

This is what I recommend which is kosher for this Ordinary Form Mass of the Ordinariate!!!!!!


ByzRus said...

What you are really advocating, at least to me, is the right hand side of the '62 missal - the TLM in the vernacular. I suspect many/most of the current day problems within the Church could have been avoided with this approach. Being slightly before my time and, therefore, unfamiliar to me, but didn't the '65 missal attempt to model this in some way?

I'm not a naysayer, just realistic. Realistically, until their is a new pontiff, or several removed from the current occupant of the throne, I think we should all just plan on making the best of what we've been given. It will be celebrated well in some places, poorly in others, will be absolutely atrocious in a few - balkanization I believe we termed it here.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

But it is an ordinary form mass with Anglican additions but the modern lectionary and other reforms from the regular ordinary form. It is not the Tridentine Rite in the archaic vernacular but the reformed rite with some ef options!

ByzRus said...

Wouldn't that be mixing both rites and books? I gather that to be prohibited and truly making it up even with the best of intentions driving those changes. I shudder to think what the converse would be if we haven't already experienced it at some point between 1969 and now. I'm not so puritanical that I wouldn't be curious to see divine worship that brings together the proverbial "best of the best", however.

Jerome Merwick said...

I've reached the point where I see no reason to continue all of this squabbling about what we can and cannot do regarding the liturgy, when the enemies of the Church (meaning those in charge) have carte blanche to commit every liturgical deviation they can contrive.

Nope. All we can do is wait out this pontificate and pray for a better result next time--not that my hopes are too high for that either.

TJM said...

Jerome Merwick,

You are wise. I no longer care what PF has to say. He is a clone of worthless priests , including the one who posts here

Unknown said...

Can we train some priests to say the Dominican Rite, Carmelite Rite, or Capuchin Rite of the Latin Mass? They are not identical to Tridentine; therefore, no rules are broken!

Problem solved!

Uncle Fred said...

Just go to the Ordinariate mass. You get the good stuff there!