Tuesday, December 7, 2021


 Warning, this video is shocking on many, many levels!:

The Priest Diocesan Youth Director apologizes or was it an apology?

Because the video went viral, the priest-director of youth was pressured into doing the obvious.

The question is, though, how in the name of God and all that is holy, did anyone think that this kind of dance with the kind of music used is appropriate at a Catholic Youth Meeting, even if it was held in a social hall or outside.

Do you think something like this would happen in an EF parish?


Jerome Merwick said...

Your last point begs the question: Could it be that the rigidity of pre-Novus Ordo Catholicism is exactly what attracted converts? An oft-forgotten statistic is the high rate of conversions to the faith that continued before the Superdogma-that'sallyouaresupposedtocareabout-forgetallelse-Council.

MrMatt said...

My first thought is that the provocative dance, largely by young boys, is probably part of a larger issue to condition them. Same sexual abuses, just more acceptable these days.

rcg said...

The problem is the the Reverend did not instinctively know it was wrong. A shepherd needs to wolves even when they are hiding in your own culture.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

When I saw the video, all I could think of were traditional nuns of the 1950’s turning in their graves. But as I wrote on the first post on this scandal, Virtus training to protect the young would clearly tell us that this is sexual exploitation of these kids who are dancing a highly suggestive dance to a secular love song glorifying fornication.

If the priest was involved in this, he needs to be removed from the position of Youth Director for the diocese. This is serious beyond the insult and sacrilege of this type of dancing taking place in a Cathedral of all places. He should not be involved in youth ministry if he thinks this kind of stuff is appropriate for youth ministry in any setting.

TJM said...

Father McDonald,

That priest should be given the boot, period. We do not need priests like him.

On a happier note, you might find this article by Dr. Kwasniewski interesting:

Jerome Merwick said...

How is all this B.S. supposed to bring these kids closer to God or deepen their understanding of the faith?