Monday, December 27, 2021


 Just between you and me, I am a beach bum now that I live near a beach, and at the beach, the bum in me has come forward. It was 78 degrees on Hilton Head Island on the day after Christmas and 74 on Christmas Day:

Speaking of Covid, our crowds were big, especially Christmas Day. But we are not back to pre-Covid crowds at Christmas. My first two years at Saint Anne’s 2016 and 17, we had two Christmas Eve Masses and both were standing room only. 

We have added a third Christmas Eve Mass, one a midnight and the crowds were respectable. Having three has diluted the others, but still respectable in a church that seats 1,000. 

Our Christmas Day Mass has always been very well attended. It is at 9 AM. And while we canceled Saturday’s Vigil on Christmas Day, our two Sunday Masses for Holy Family were well attended and I thought it was great having back to back obligatory Mass days during the Octave of Christmas. 

About Christmas and Covid, I wrote this on my facebook page which garnered many positive comments from fellow southerners:

The day after Christmas and it is 78! Glad to live in the south. Had visitors at Mass from California and northern progressive places and they were shocked about how nonchalant we are about Covid, especially in Richmond Hill. They are still shaking in their boots! I would say less than 1% wear masks to Mass and that has been throughout the pandemic. And southern cases, especially now, are lower than in the police states. We are living the new normal and not as prisoners of political and “scientific” ideologies. 

And omicron in our neck of the woods is no worse than a bad sinus cold and nothing like the flu. People get sick and they recover, some die from a common virus or cold. That’s life and death!  Catholics and all people of good will must be ready for the four last things: death, judgement, heaven and hell. It’s all coming to a conclusion, including the good earth, either by climate change or some other man made disaster or an act of God…


TJM said...

As long as the leftwing loon media peddles its covid porn many people will be too frightened to return. I notice on many websites, that our "betters" including Biden and Pelosi rarely wear masks. Why aren't they being hectored?

Mark said...

“It’s all coming to a conclusion, including the good earth, either by climate change or some other man made disaster or an act of God…”

In response to those who lament our anemic response to climate change and our confused response to the pandemic, I used to say that if we had a clear, undeniable threat to concentrate our minds and our efforts, like an asteroid that is on a certain collision course with Earth and of such magnitude that it would destroy most life, including human life, then we would surely get our act together and respond responsibly, just as the Greatest Generation did when confronting the Nazi threat during the Second World War. Given the experience of the last two years, however, and after having watched “Don’t Look Up” this weekend, I am no longer as confident. Perhaps we do deserve to die after all. And perhaps God may permit our destruction because of our stupidity and hubris, selfish lack of concern and care for one another, and our ingratitude for, and despoiling of, the wonderful gifts He has bestowed on us individually and collectively:

TJM said...

I note that almost 30 percent of new covid cases in the US are from New York City.