Wednesday, January 13, 2021


This is from the Facebook page, "I am fed up with ugly churches." (Although often they post stunning churches).



I am sure the good OFM's who did this told everyone this is what Vatican II mandated.


qwikness said...

I don't like levitating crucifixes. It looks like someone is trying to hard to be dramatic, but really it's a crucifix hanging by wires. It also seems disrespectful to walk underneath and around our Lord on the Cross while were going on about our business.

ByzRus said...

This makes me sad.

As per usual, these types of "renovations" always seem to result in a myriad of seating options as well as the masonic candle arrangement (not my thing despite any period where this perhaps was normative).

Anonymous said...

I like the older Altar/Ciborium arangement

Anonymous said...

How horrible.

Anonymous said...

Romulus Augustus here, what a crying shame what they did to this church, I'm sure the German immigrants who built it with their own money would be in such horror as to what it is now.

Perry said...

"Masonic candle arrangement"?


Where do you people come up with these nutty notions?

ByzRus said...


The internet:

Anonymous said...

I have visited several of the OFM churches in the Cincinnati area. They have a long, storied, history of wreckovating thriving parishes and then consolidating and closing them. Oddly, the friars themselves love it and seem to be oblivious of where everyone went, often talking about the "bounties" of VII. Amazing to watch their decline in such a short period.