Wednesday, January 20, 2021



Prior to my return to the Savannah area, I lived here from 1985 to1991. I had no idea that this part of Georgia can also produce citrus, like lemons.

The lemons here are the biggest I have ever seen and this is the season for them. Those who have trees have so many lemons on them they don’t know what to do with them.

The lemons are the same color as oranges and just as big if not bigger than most Florida oranges. 

People have to place their lemons in boxes on the side of the road in front of their houses to get rid of them for free.

Oranges, bananas and other citrus fruits grow here too in Richmond Hill.


Anonymous said...

I would think that Richmond Hill would be too far north to grow oranges and bananas, given the possibility, however infrequent, of winter freezes. 250 miles to your northwest (Atlanta area), where nights often are in the 30s, those fruits could not grow, or at least without a greenhouse.

rcg said...

Limoncello by the gallon. Use basil simple syrup.