Friday, January 29, 2021



I am not, Rocco Palma of Whispers in the Loggia is:

Much as its contents have already been hinted at by ideological gurus, so folks can see it in black & white, here’s +Gomez’s update to US bench on USCCB’s 10-man “working group” to advise on relations with a Catholic POTUS… and its planned text on Biden’s reception of Communion:

And of course the apolitical National Chismatic Reporter (NCR) laments, with crocodile tears, that the gang of ten bishops on the committee are not President Biden’s former bishop in Delaware or his current Archbishop, Cardinal Gregory, let alone Cardinal Cupich who threw a hissy-fit earlier on the day of his President’s inauguration by, and get this, going to Twitter to vent, something the former Bishop of Father Z has excoriated and very profoundly:

Bishops' working group on Biden operates in the shadows, excludes his local bishops



Anonymous said...

I'd be shocked if the bishops do anything about Biden since they have done nothing to publicly discipline any "Catholic" politician since 1974. There may be a rare case or two of a bishop telling a politician not to receive Holy Communion in a particular Diocese, but to my knowledge, they have not excommunicated anyone over this issue. In my opinion, their inaction makes them complicit in this evil.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous at 8:37. This document will go no place. In addition, what about all the other "Catholic" politicians beginning with Madame Pelosi?
In the last five years or so, I was having a discussion with one of my kids about their many friends who were cohabiting. Some of these friends had been raised Catholic and fell away. The point some of these kids made was they did not see what they were doing as wrong. And more than one said something to the effect, this was at the time the McCarrick thing was full blown, "look at what the priests are doing."

UK-Priest said...

If the Bishops were genuinely serious about entering into a dialogue with Biden about his perceived failings to uphold catholic teaching then they would include his local Bishops who have jurisdiction on the standing committee.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to Church and politics, would it be wrong to hypothetically consider the USCCB a lobbying group for the Church's interest in American society? If so, the USCCB could list what their interests are and where a particular political party or politician ranks with regards to those well defined interests. Of course that word "interest" should be replaced with "moral and spiritual concerns" when considering the USCCB as a lobbyist group. With that said; the USCCB should be able to draft a simple document listing their concerns and the politicians ability to meet those concerns, all in a simple grade-school format. A report card.

Anonymous said...

Rocco Palma= writer who breathlessly covers the Church as a sports match.

John Allen= writer who breathlessly covers the Church as Democratic vs Republican political contest.