Saturday, January 23, 2021


President Biden, now a parishioner of the Archbishop of Washington, DC, Wilton Cardinal Gregory issued a White House statement about Roe v. Wade on Friday, January 22nd, the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize abortion and the Cardinal Gregory’s parishioner, President Biden did so on the very day that Cardinal Gregory prayed the Mass for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children, which is offered each January 22nd.
Shortly, we can only pray, Cardinal Gregory will issue his own statement decrying his parishioner’s virulent pro-choice agenda under the guise of women’s health which this President states he will promote worldwide. We can only pray too, that Pope Francis will issue a statement of lament about the worldwide ramifications of this Catholic President’s statement which is American Imperialism and ideological colonization of other parts of the world which the Pontiff has often excoriated.

As I celebrated Mass on Friday, the yearly anniversary of the Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade which legalized abortion, and prayed for the legal protection of unborn children, our new Catholic President, Joseph Biden made clear that he would codify that right to choose to kill/murder a child in her mother’s womb. A Catholic did this, not a Protestant President, like President Trump or an atheist or agnostic president. A Catholic President pledged this.

Make no mistake, the gushing that President Biden is a devout Catholic is meant to win Catholic votes and it will win pro-choice Catholic votes as this sort of nonsense has done since Vatican II and the demolition of the Democrat party, which prior to Vatican II  most Catholics, who were pre-Vatican II, chose to call their party.

Would President Biden have won the election if he was pro-life and claiming the “seamless garment” first put forward by Cardinal Bernadine of Chicago? I think he would have won most of the Catholic vote. 

Would President Biden have won the election by aligning himself with Pope Francis’ political positions, such as welcoming the immigrant, concern for climate change/ecology and who also calls for laws to protect the unborn calling those who provide abortions “HITMEN” hired by the ones wanting the abortion? More than likely and instead of President Biden being hell bent on changing the Catholic Church, he should be heaven bent on changing the Democrat Party!

Thank goodness for the President of the USCCB who wrote a letter to President Biden on the day of his inauguration sounding the alarm about the President’s support of Roe v. Wade, gender ideology and euthanasia. Thank God for the other bishops who supported Archbishop Gomez’s statement. 

And thank God for the Archbishop of San Francisco who called out his parishioner, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for her nonsense about believing Catholics who voted for President Trump. 

But scandal of scandals, and in the truest sense of what scandal means, this is what our Catholic president said on the very day that the Catholic Church in the USA prays for the legal protection of the unborn:

Statement from President Biden and Vice President Harris on the 48th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade


Today marks the 48th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in Roe v. Wade.  

In the past four years, reproductive health, including the right to choose, has been under relentless and extreme attack.  We are deeply committed to making sure everyone has access to care – including reproductive health care – regardless of income, race, zip code, health insurance status, or immigration status. 

The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to codifying Roe v. Wade and appointing judges that respect foundational precedents like Roe.  We are also committed to ensuring that we work to eliminate maternal and infant health disparities, increase access to contraception, and support families economically so that all parents can raise their families with dignity.  This commitment extends to our critical work on health outcomes around the world. 

As the Biden-Harris Administration begins in this critical moment, now is the time to rededicate ourselves to ensuring that all individuals have access to the health care they need.


Anonymous said...

Is "Father" Kavanaugh feeling duped? A little sad? Votes have consequences

Pater Ignotus Was My Pastor said...

I don’t think so.

Anonymous said...

Father Ignotus is an apt moniker for him!

Anonymous said...

You have to probably follow politics 24/7 for years to understand the new spin. That spin states the Biden's, and the Pelosi's and the AOC's are "the good and devout role model for Catholics." Those standing outside Planned Parenthood voicing their objections, and those who identify as pro-life, and those who subscribe to traditional Catholicism including traditional catechism and Mass, are evil and white supremacists,child abusers and fascists. I noticed how many times the press mentioned that Biden was a faithful Catholic, or especially The Devout Catholic. That's not what the liberal press calls pro-Lifers! According to the press, with Biden Catholicism is good! I'm waiting for the USCCB to state that Biden is not a Catholic role model, but I am not about to hold my breath.

rcg said...

Representative Pelosi is undone by her own logic. I wonder if she has excommunicated herself? I wonder if the Presedent has? I wonder if the Bishops have the strength to act?

Rebound said...

Don't you love it when TJM BEGS for a comment from Fr. Kavanaugh, and then, should Fr. Kavanaugh post a comment, TJM whines about Fr. Kavanaugh posting here, telling him that he should go away and get his own blog?

Fascinating... And hilarious.

Paul McCarthy said...

It’s Pro-Abortion not Pro-Choice. Stop playing their word games.