Saturday, January 30, 2021



I get the Augusta Chronicle on line and the Saturday version has a religion section after sports and before the want ads. Of course, my pious Catholicism states that the last is the most important, like me in procession :).

But I digress. There was an article written by a local Protestant minister who was pleasantly surprised to see for the first time a President of the USA make the Sign of the Cross when he went to the tomb of the unknown soldier. He went on to say that the new President goes to church regularly and was brought up right by his parents.

And yes, in the pre-Vatican II sense, the outward signs of the President’s Catholicism are abundant. 

But, in terms of morality the President also has been formed quite well by the spirit of Vatican II’s new morality that is built upon Social Justice not natural law or Sacred Scripture, apart from ideologizing “love.” 

Social justice Catholicism codifies in civil law secularized gender ideology, women’s health which includes contraceptive and abortion services to keep women healthy, same sex marriage, opposition to the death penalty, legalizing euthanasia and censoring and censuring those who disagree with them on any of these and classifying some speech in opposition to this new morality as hate speech. 

One can look like a traditional Catholic with the outward signs of Catholicism and its pious acts but be post-Catholic in this new morality that is really a godless, secular form of morality that is right up there with other Utopian ideologies that have brought so much grief, death and destruction to cultures and peoples, Communism and Nazism to name two.

Tied into this new morality and its super sensitivity to people and their mental illnesses is a new political correctness forced upon others in the name of social justice and love.

I experienced this for the first time yesterday at a doctor’s appointment. I had to answer several questions on an iPad like devise prior to seeing my doctor. I have done this many times at at the same doctor’s office.

But this time there were some new questions: 

1. What is your gender? Male, female, other, unknown.

2. What was your gender at birth? Male, female, other, don’t know.

3. What is your sexual orientation? Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, don’t know.

Of course I was incensed because my sexual orientation wasn’t listed. CELIBATE. Thus, I refused to answer the question on orientation. I am writing the President, my governor and my legislatures to complain about my doctor’s insensitivity to my sexual orientation. Surely it is hatred for celibates and a desire to marginalize and persecute us. 


John Nolan said...

One can of course be celibate (i.e. unmarried) and have any sexual proclivity under the sun. Even when celibacy is (incorrectly) used to mean sexual continence, it does not constitute a sexual orientation, examples of which are heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, paedophilia, zoophilia or even asexuality.

One's sexual orientation may be of interest to a psychiatrist, but hardly to your average general practitioner. The question is impertinent.

The first time I filled in a form which asked for my 'gender' I crossed out the offending word and replaced it with 'sex' adding as a footnote: 'Nouns have gender, people have sex, although sadly in my case not very often these days.'

Anonymous said...

In terms of Biden's Catholicity, recall that the Devil can quote scripture.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you need a new doctor?

Anonymous said...

You just blew a chance to be a Cherokee princess with a free ivy league education and political career.

Our standard answer in the 70s to form questions such as SEX? was "yes", while MAY I HAVE YOUR NAME, PLEASE? to this day is answered, "you don't have one?". We were and are a laugh a minute riot.

Anonymous said...

To the question: MAY I HAVE YOUR NAME, PLEASE?
Response: You don't like the one the you have?
Ok,you can use mine if you wish but you might want to try searching
the Internet for one a little more interesting.

Anonymous said...

Those are as bad as the opening gambit in a bar scene of, "I seem to have lost my number. Might I have yours?"

Roger Ebert said...

Don’t forget Marlon Brando’s answer on a questionnaire when they asked about his race. His reply was ‘human’.