Monday, January 11, 2021


 Father Z post this photo from Rome today:

This photo was taken in Rome today. However, it could have been taken of me in Naples in 1956, although my hair wasn’t that blond. He is eating Bucatini, literally translated as little or tiny hole. This spaghetti is hollow in the center and when uncooked you can use it as a straw. When cooked, though, you cannot suck the pasta into your mouth as you would spaghetti or linguini or other pastas of this nature. I thought it was the most fun pasta of all! My mother always set the table with table cloth and real napkins. I always used the tablecloth as my napkin when eating spaghetti much to my mother’s aggravation. And she continued to scold me when she made spaghetti and I was home for it until her death in 2012.

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