Saturday, January 23, 2021


 Lifesite news can be and often is vitriolic and not the most trusted news service except when they report news that is verifiable. This is one such story and it includes a local TV station’s news video:

Pro-abortion protesters storm pro-life Mass in Ohio cathedral with signs demanding free abortions

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Anonymous said...

Just typical "rational" Democrats expressing their views! Hey Father Kavanaugh, what about the "social justice' aspects of this action by Biden:

"Several unions that eagerly endorsed President Joe Biden during the 2020 presidential election are now learning the hard way what it means to support Democrat policies. During his first day in office, the newly-inaugurated president revoked the construction permit for the Keystone XL oil pipeline, thus destroying thousands of jobs. And not just any jobs — but union jobs. TC Energy Corp., the Canadian company that shares ownership of the pipeline with the Alberta government, had estimated that 10,000 jobs — in addition to the 1,000 already established — would be created in 2021 alone thanks to the construction of the pipeline"

The Dems will restore funding for abortion and then kill working men and womens' jobs. What a tour de force!

Anonymous said...

BENGHAZI! Hillary's Emails! Hunter Biden's Laptop! Stormy Daniels! Grab Her By The P***Y!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous K,

I know you are feeling duped. Sad. Still waiting for "Father" Kavanaugh's defense of Biden's job killing measures. When I was young, the Dems were the party of the working man. Now they are the party of Oligarchs and Hollywood.

Benghazi was Hillary's finest hour. Hunter Biden is just a misunderstood boy and Stormy Daniels still owes President Trump for his legal fees. But if this puerile effort on your part gets you through the night, that's nice

Anonymous said...

Would it be diabolical for me to suggest sending these protesters to south Georgia, maybe Echols County on the Florida line, and sentence them to 6 months of hard labor amidst the woods, swamps, snakes and gators of that county? Or maybe more positive, sentence them to community service serving maybe a home for unwed mothers or performing some pro-life service? Changing hearts, as one might say?

Some might question the efficacy of weekly church attendance, given that Biden claims to go often yet he still espouses positions that are quite contrary to church teaching? Like, what is the point if church is not changing Biden's evil ways?!? said...

There's obviously an anonymous poster here who is laser-focused on insulting most of us or demonizing Trump or...well for me, it is also quite "ho-hum".

I strongly suggest that we give hims the Mark Thomas treatment: Ignore--lest we get sucked into his vortex. If he has any kind of life, he'll move on. If he doesn't, he can waste his time here trying to change minds, insulting others and, ultimately, failing.

rcg said...

This has caused great concern in my parish. My concern is the response it incites is counter hostility that will surely lead to ruin. I am ‘leading’ a discussion in our men’s group that is at least cathartic. We must prepare for the slap and how we turn the other cheek, either in patience or a calm counter response. If Biden judges himself Catholic he needs to enter this encounter now and provide an example and guidance. If he does not, he is sending a message that Catholics are no longer part of the Union.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Trollcheck, I am going to speak to the anon who posted this incoherent litany:

“BENGHAZI! Hillary's Emails! Hunter Biden's Laptop! Stormy Daniels! Grab Her By The P***Y!


I am not going to bother attempting to defend the record of President Trump (there is plenty of good to defend and others could do a far better job than I possibly could), but I will attempt to address the personal attacks that seem to be focused on the people who post here who support the former president or support a non-Bergoglian interpretation of what it means to be a Catholic.

1) Listing concerns about the new president, his family and their positions seems to suggest that anyone who is concerned must be crazy. If that is the case, then everyone who supports ANY candidate is crazy, as any side in a political struggle is always going to have concerns that are raised about the other side, which brings us to #2.

2) Listing the “below the waist” problems of the former president and his foolish locker-room language really has little to do with his record as a president. Personal sexual attitudes and activity are not policy. If we are going to be consistent in such criticisms, then we must attempt to humiliate anyone who supported or honors the legacy of other presidents like Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Truman and FDR. All of these men either used extremely crude, vulgar language at times or indulged in inappropriate sexual activity or both. To have a sudden “moral awakening” in the case of Donald Trump is hypocrisy on steroids.

3) Since I am a Catholic, I believe in the inerrancy of Scripture. I begin saying that because the Bible is filled with stories of leaders who had serious flaws and weaknesses,yet were used by God for His purpose. Americans have every right to be concerned about the morality of the people they elect to represent them, but, at the same time, we are electing a president, not a pope. In both of Trump’s elections, he ran against opponents who also had extremely questionable moral and ethical questions hanging over them. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration that in most elections, we tend to try to find the “lesser of two evils”. If you don’t agree with our interpretation of who was the worst and who was the best, fine. There is no need to mock us.

4) If you really think we are all stupid, why waste your time reading any of this or posting here?

5) Again, if you don’t like us, or think we are all so stupid, why are you bothering with us?

Actually those last two questions are rhetorical. I think I will take Trollcheck’s advice and ignore any further posts from you—and seeing how you apparently crave the last word, I have no doubt you will post here again. Enjoy the sound of crickets.

DJR said...

What happened here is a Federal offense, a felony, and the perpetrators should be prosecuted to the fullest extent under the law. 18 U.S.C. § 248, otherwise known as the FACE Act.

If this had been a mosque or a synagogue, the outcry would be deafening. If the Catholic clergy do not act on this and insist on prosecution, they will be emboldening these people and putting parishioners at risk in the future.

Anonymous said...

"Listing the “below the waist” problems of the former president and his foolish locker-room language really has little to do with his record as a president."

"Below the waist" problems begin above the waist in a place called the brain. That brain impacts everything the person does.

Excusing Trump's sexual exploitation of women, about which he has bragged, be referring to it as "locker room language" is an insultr to men in locker rooms. There's nothing cute or ephemeral about it. It exemplifies how he thinks of himself and others.

The sound of crickets is quite soothing, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous K,

LOL - you are such a partisan shill - you have lost your moral compass if you ever had one. I bet you defended Clintoon and now Biden who is an adulterer and serial groper who made female secret service agents uncomfortable with his bathing in the nude

Mark Thomas said...

"Lifesite news can be and often is vitriolic and not the most trusted news service except when they report news that is verifiable."

It is a shame that a news service run by Catholics required the above note. But LifeSiteNews earned their poor reputation in question.


The pro-abortion folks who disrupted the Mass revealed the rage, and aggression, associated with the abortion racket/Culture of Death.

Satan is behind the hatred and rage that they displayed verbally and physically.

The pro-abortion friends of Satan employed foul, hateful language. They also resorted to the use of obscene gestures.

Their vile language, as well as actions, belong to the Culture of Death.

Conversely, holiness and peaceful manner of the bishop and laymen at the Annual Mass For Life belong to the Culture of Life.

Let us stand with, and pray for, such Culture of Life men as our holy and great Pope Francis, Bishop Nelson Perez, Father McDonald...and everybody, everywhere, who participated in the Annual Mass For Life.


Mark Thomas

Coach K said...

While I find this protest repugnant, it involved eight people, apparently was over in seconds and nobody was injured or hurt. So there’s no reason why media outside Ohio would spread the story. Every day, thousands of people in the US are protesting something or other, and almost all of them deserve to be ignored. Let them be prosecuted for disturbing a church service.

rcg said...

I have tried to compose a response to the previous post that was not ad hominem and best I can come up with is that Coach K is shamefully immature to account for such an ignorant post.

Anonymous said...

The world does not revolve around, nor should the new focus on, minor outbursts of anger in Catholic churches.

Did you see this on a national news outlet? No.

Did this inconsequential event merit national news coverage? No.

Does failure to cover this "horrible" incident indicate an anti-Catholic bias in the news? Also, and resoundingy, no.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Did you even know about this until you read and saw it here? NO! For some, like you, ignorance of violence against religion is bliss. Don’t be disturbed, ignore he smoke at the concentration camp. It’s only in that town and let local reporters report it there, no need for the world to know it.

Anonymous said...

No, I did not see this report until I read it here because it was not, as Coach K mentioned above, worthy of NATIONAL news coverage. It was a minor incident that ended quickly with no injuries that was barely worthy of coverage beyond the city where it happened.

You're the one headed to a "concentration camp," not me. Of course, this camp exists only in your bizarre imagination.