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Let’s face it, Cardinal Cupich who is not pro-choice nor those other bishops in his camp, such as the Bishop of Rome, but he and they are of the school of thought that social justice demands a multifaceted approach to the Church’s full panoply of social teachings some of the most important from the 19th Century.

But there is a twist, liberation theology embraced wholeheartedly by the Bishop of Rome politicizes the methods to achieve a goal and creates partisans and non partisans as in a political party. So in effect, regardless of the political party they support, the bishops now as a group are politicized into two primary parties.

Liberation theology in the 1970’s in South America, like Argentina, and in Latin America, like Nicaragua let to political warfare between left wing Catholics, both clergy and laity and right wing Catholics in government and militias, leading to the martyrdom of many liberation theology adherents including bishops, priests, nuns and scores of laity. 

One of the most violent and horrific photos I have every seen on the full front cover of the NCR in the late 1970's was that of a massacre of priests/religious who had their brains scooped out and laying on the ground beside them. The NCR was trying to make a political and religious point about the tactics of the right wing government there and its militias threatened by liberation theology of Jesuits and others in that part of the world. Oddly enough, the NCR, as far as I know, has never placed any photo on the front cover or elsewhere of dismembered babies as a result of abortion.

Today’s polarization leads to processes in the left’s camp that affects defined Church teaching on sexuality and marriage, birth control and abortion, and a communistic economic system compared to a capitalist system, thus exacerbating politics leading to a possible civil war outside the Church.

The the meme of progressive Catholics since the advent of Liberation theology is not only to change political ideologies but replacing it with a Church ideology stratifying and polarizing both the church and state. 

As it regards the Church, the leftist meme of social justice means that there must be in justice, women’s ordination, gay marriage, gender ideology, birth control and abortion and the rest of it, which by the way, is promoted in the must passive and active ways by the USA’s Democrat party with its prominent Catholic leaders, President Biden, Speaker of the House Pelosi and other democrat Catholics who not only want to change the USA but the Roman CAtholic Church too.

The foundation of moral theology in progressive, heterodox Catholicism shifts from natural law, which must be suppressed, to an ideology of social justice.

And that is the division that is leading to a possible schism not only in the USCCB, but the Catholic Church throughout the world. Just as there is division among bishops here, so too is the College of Bishops throughout the world also polarized. Pope Francis did not create this polarization but he has certainly exacerbated it since March 13, 2013, 3/13/13.  


Anonymous said...

Here's what the lefty bishops and priests voted for:

"President Joe Biden's decision to scrap a "deadly" Trump-era policy banning funding for aid groups that discuss abortion could unleash billions in dollars for life-saving services in developing countries, women's rights groups said Thursday."

"It's very, very good news," said Evelyne Opondo, Africa director at the Center for Reproductive Rights. "It sends a strong message that reproductive rights are human rights.

NOTE the Orwellian statement. May God have mercy on their souls.

ps: But Biden is a "devout" Catholic.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, this polarization was well underway in the appointment of bishops by Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict. Just two examples, Cupich and Wilton Gregory, got this start under these two popes and were moved along in their careers by these popes. They would not be in the positions they are today if it were not for these popes. There are many other examples as well.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Some bishops are like swaying reeds in the wind adjusting to new winds and making accommodations to enhance their career chances. Nothing new there.

rcg said...

There is a billboard on the highway asking for people to inform on their neighbors that may have participated in the ‘insurrection’ of 6 January 2021. It gives contact information of the FBI.

The photo on the cover of the magazine was designed to polarize in favor of the Left wing priests. They gave aide to groups that did the same thing and continue to this day. The interpretation depends on whose body was mutilated. The distinguishing characteristic is that the rules of the Left allow that such things are acceptable and good for their cause.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Biden is rescinding the Mexico City Policy. While it might sound good in theory, it has been shown to drastically increase the number of abortions in the parts of Africa most affected by it. According to several articles, as indicated on Wikipedia, the rates of abortion go up 40% when it is in effect. The unborn deserve better than hollow virtue signaling. They deserve to actually live.

I honestly don't think abortion will ever become illegal until we first handle the social reasons often given for it supposedly being necessary. Just as the western world largely ended slavery when technology started making it look less economically appealing and women's rights largely came from technological advancement that no longer made it necessary for someone to literally spend an average of 44 hours a week just preparing food, we need to look at why women would think abortion is a better choice than keeping the baby. Evidence would seem to indicate that when women are presented with a real choice, the vast majority consider ending their baby's life to be unthinkable.

Winston Smith said...

Well, we all know how objective and unbiased good ol' Wikipedia has proven to be!

Polarization has been festering for years--decades. It has happened in Christianity and it has happened in the political arena.

We have reached the crisis point: Each side is so deeply divided against the other that when one articulates its deepest convictions, the other side either can't believe it or else they have to write the other side off as insane, misguided and irrelevant.

At this point, when one side has a slight edge, they tend to move as if they have a mandate. The overreach is anticipated and the opponents are ready to pounce.

In the end, we find ourselves facing what Lincoln once said referring to slavery: Either we will become all of one thing or all of the other.

To make matters worse, the leader of the Church and the leader of the once-free world are both insisting that there IS only one side and any opposition is wrong, bad and must be either suppressed or completely discredited--or maybe even ELIMINATED. Are YOU ready to be cancelled for God?

It isn't looking good.

Richard M. Sawicki said...

Wouldn’t it be fun if the newly-acquitted, former Aussie “footballer” became the next Pope?

“Jes’ sayin’ is all”!

Gaudete in Domino Semper!

Anonymous said...

Winston - then show me the objective evidence proving it saves lives.

Anonymous said...

Cupich is de facto pro choice given his support for the political left. The Church will continue to shed members because of Cupich and his ilk

JR said...

I cringe when I read how people blame previous Popes like John Paul II and Benedict XVI for bishops and cardinals who turn out badly and were promoted during their pontificates. People change. I'm sure when most people get married, they're doing so in good faith, believing they are making the right choice. Yet, how many marriages end in divorce (and annulment) because after a time, people change?

Anonymous said...


So true. I could name bishops who played the conservative when Saint John Paul II and Benedict XVI were in office but their masks dropped once they were dead. Cupich and Vigneron were just two I could name. There are others

Anonymous said...

Mainstream Catholicism in the US is in dire peril. Read this:

Of course the usual suspects who post here will have some contorted alibi for their fellow travelers in promoting intrinsic evil.

Between PF and Biden, there may not be much left of the US Church when they're done.

Anonymous said...

"I'm glad that Biden is rescinding the Mexico City Policy. While it might sound good in theory, it has been shown to drastically increase the number of abortions in the parts of Africa most affected by it. According to several articles, as indicated on Wikipedia, the rates of abortion go up 40% when it is in effect."

Anonymous, do you even know what the Mexico City policy is? It prohibits American tax money from being used to fund abortions overseas. We can't necessarily stop or reduce abortion in other countries but we can darn well make sure Americans aren't paying for it through their tax contributions.
If you kept up with this you would know that a number of African leaders have in the past have turned down Western aid if it was contingent on allowing and providing abortion and contraception.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:45 PM.

Anonymous at 9:06 PM is a Dem shill and is grasping at straws.