Sunday, December 10, 2017


You can read a 1962 article by the then Dr. Joseph Ratzinger on Vatican II's discussion on the Liturgy and even the novel thought of bishops conferences tinkering with the liturgy on national levels here:

The First Session” by Joseph Ratzinger"

Students of the history of Cardinal Ratzinger's later, more mature, seasoned and traditional critique of Vatican II, know that Dr. Ratzinger who wrote the above article was giddy, optimistic and unrealistically so about the new springtime for the Church that Vatican II would usher into the Church.

We see Dr. Ratzinger falling into the trap of the deification of Vatican II and making a pastoral council into a dogmatic one to be blindly accepted as though the infallible Word of God.

For Cardinal Ratzinger, that all changed beginning in 1968 as he saw the "spirit" of Vatican II bring not a new springtime but an endless, devastating fall leading to collapse!

Thus one must read Dr. Ratzinger through the lens of his subsequent teachings especially as Pope Benedict XVI.

Pope Francis would do well to do so also.

But with that said, Pope Benedict wanted the mistakes of the wrong reading of Vatican II corrected. He did not want Vatican II discarded. Thus the revision of the liturgy and the Church had to proceed in continuity with the pre-Vatican II Church, not in rupture.

Thus the Vatican II Mass must be renewed by going to the 1962 MISSAL and revising the most recent Roman Missal in light of what was excellent but discarded. The Ordinariate's Roman Missal is the template for the Latin Rite's organic revision of the modern Missal.

I think we have to take seriously the young Ratzinger's critique of the opening liturgies of Vatican II. Of course, I have said over and over again, the primary concern of Sacrosanctum Concilium was the complexity of the solemn sung and the Pontifical High Masses, not so much the sung Mass or low Mass in most parishes. And the dialogue Mass added to the High Mass would have solved most problems and just a little bit of vernacular. But alas. 


Catholic Mission said...

DECEMBER 9, 2017

Pope Benedict made an objective mistake.It was a blind mistake in 2016 too

Vatican (CDF/Ecclesia Dei) has no objection if the SSPX and all religious communities affirm Vatican Council II (without the premise)

Victor said...

"Thus the Vatican II Mass must be renewed by going to the 1962 MISSAL..."
Sorry Fr, but I think you are wrong on this one! Reading part of the young Ratzinger's article above, it seems most of the Church hierarchy, particularly in Europe, was infected (if not demonically mislead) by what I would call post World War II Euphoriasis by the time of the Council. The end of the war became the dawn of the new age for mankind and the Church in their minds; but it never came, because it was an illusion.
I would go back to the Missal in use in late 1945 just before all the changes (some maybe sacrilegious it could be argued) started to be made for the sake of "Modern Man", who did not exist and never will.