Friday, December 8, 2017


But if you support same sex marriage, does that make you a bad Catholic?

Jimmy Kimmel Defends His Catholic Faith Against Attack from Roy Moore

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This isn’t something you expect to hear on late night TV.
Jimmy Kimmel, host of ABC’s late night show, recently got into a Twitter spat with Roy Moore. Moore is running for the US Senate in Alabama and has been accused by numerous women of sexual assault when they were minors.
After Kimmel sent one of his people to disrupt a Moore rally at a church, Moore tweeted at Kimmel: “If you want to mock our Christian values, come down here to Alabama and do it man to man.” Kimmel responded on his show saying that he’d be happy to come down to Alabama to discuss “Christian values.”
Here’s what Kimmel said next:
“It doesn’t fit your stereotype, but I happen to be a Christian too. I made my first holy communion, I was confirmed, I pray, I support my church, one of my closest friends is a priest, I baptize my children. Christian is actually my middle name. I know that’s shocking, but it’s true. So if you’re open to, when we sit down, I will share with you what I learned at my church. At my church, forcing yourself on underaged girls is a no-no. Some even consider it to be a sin.”
In another recent episode of his show, he defended good Catholic priests against being lumped together with priests who have committed child abuse.
Kimmel was raised Catholic, was an altar server, and says he is a practicing Catholic. However, he publicly supports things contrary to Catholic teaching, such as same-sex marriage.


TJM said...

Just another fake catholic who supports the party of intrinsic evil - the Abortion Party, formerly the Democratic Party. Some bishop just needs to make it official and excommunicate this loon

Anonymous said...

How is he a good CATHOLIC. He is pro abortion and pro gay "marriage".

Mall Cop said...

If you are a Catholic in the South, you meet people like Roy Moore who don't respect the Church or its values and don't even consider us truly "Christian." Remember that Catholics marched for civil rights in the 1960s, including priests and nuns, and the Roy Moores of the world can't forgive that.

Marc said...

Mall Cop's first sentence is true. But its second sentence has nothing to do with the basis for the first sentence.

TJM said...

Mall Cop,

Well the Democratic Party doesn't respect the Catholic Church so they and Roy Moore are on the same page.

Anonymous said...

Long before the 1960's, remember the Know-Nothings. They intercepted the memorial stone sent from the Vatican to be installed in the interior of the Washington Monument, broke it to pieces, and threw them into the Potomac River.

rcg said...

At least he is trying. May he get a copy of the Litany of Humility for Christmas.

Mall Cop said...

Marc, there are wide traditional schisms, in social & political issues, going back generations between Catholics and Southern evangelicals. If you live in the South, you know that abortion, divorce, adultery, substance abuse, child abuse, random violence and more are far more prevalent in these parts than in traditionally Catholic parts of the country. Alabama values, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

Wow, I'm really surprised Jimmy Kimmel would out himself like that. Oh, wait, Pelosi and Biden also claim to be practicing Catholics too, so I think it will be okay with Kimmel's viewers as long as he keeps his religion to himself. Or only uses it to attack someone like Roy Moore. And maybe Trump. Then it's okay.

God bless.

TJM said...

Mall Cop,

Then you should LOVE Alabama because it is adhering to the "sophisticated " San Francisco and New York view of things

James J. said...

Mall Cop
Abortion is not "more prevalent in these parts". What I could find by searching on line is that the rates of abortion are higher in the Blue states such as Illinois, New York and California. Some of our Northern cities have high rates of violent crime also.

Just doing a quick cursory search on child abuse , I found this:

Massachusetts tallied 31,863 victimized children in the federal government’s fiscal 2014, which concluded at the end of September 2014, according to a report by the US Department of Health and Human Services. That equaled 22.9 victims per 1,000 children statewide, making it the highest per capita rate in the country. The next-highest rates of reported child abuse were in Kentucky (20.6), Rhode Island (16), New York (15.5), and New Mexico (15.2).

How many members of the media and entertainment industry who have been outed recently over sexual abuse are from "these parts"? Not many.

TJM said...

James J,

Mall Cop is a Soros (Dem)paid troll who comes hear to spread calumny and lies.

I recall that the abortion rate in New York City is horrific, particularly among African-Americans. I guess that's why the Democratic Party requires illegal aliens to come here to take up the slack

Anonymous said...

Rates are the number of reported forcible rapes per 100,000 people.

1. New Jersey - 11.7

2. New York - 14.6

3. Virginia - 17.7

4. Vermont - 19.3

5. North Carolina - 20.3

6. Hawaii - 20.5

7. California - 20.6

8. Maryland - 21

9. Wisconsin - 21.3

10. Georgia - 21.4

Anonymous said...

Top five highest divorce rates in the U.S.
West Virginia

Anonymous said...

States with highest internet porn usage:
South Carolina
North Carolina
New Mexico

Anonymous said...

States With Highest Abortion Rates
North Carolina

James J. said...

Ten States with the highest abortion rates as of 2014(the most recent I ran across, but rankings below are pretty consistent with those from other years
Notice how many in the top 10 are blue)

State_______ Abortion Rate*
District of Columbia 32.7
New York 29.6
New Jersey 25.8
Maryland 23.4
Florida 20.6
California 19.5
Nevada 19.4
Connecticut 19.2
Rhode Island 17
Delaware 16.7

Ten States with the lowest abortion rates as of 2014

State_______ Abortion Rate*
Nebraska 6.3
West Virginia 6.0
Wisconsin 5.6
Utah 4.6
Missouri 4.4
Idaho 4.2
Kentucky 4.1
Mississippi 3.8
South Dakota 3.5
Wyoming 1.1

By the way Alabama was 36th

As far as divorce rates, that is the one area where blue states fare well.

As for the rates of forcible rapes for the top 10 states listed above,almost all
of those states are blue states.

TJM said...

James J,

Perhaps the reason Blue States do well in the divorce area is that a lower percentage of the population marries and just shacks up, or they have open marriages like the Clintoons, Kennedys, etc