Monday, December 18, 2017


Birth of Jesus
"The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel"–which means, "God with us."
On commenting on Andrea Grillo's silly theology, RCG writes the following:

The person who wrote this is terrible at composing and presenting arguments. 

Is the Presence Real?

Metaphysics be damned. He can’t be bread so I suppose He could not be a burning bush. We are the Creator's  advisors; He has Laws He cannot break! What absolute foolishness. Even an atheist can see through that. 

Yesterday, I gave a class on the Virgin Birth of our Lord. The Church teaches that Mary remained perpetually virgin, before, during and after the birth of Christ.

Based upon what Grillo writes and RCG condemns, most priests and theologians no longer teach the truth of the Church that the Perpetual Blessed Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus in a virginal way. Why? Because it goes against the laws of God! The laws of Metaphysics! The laws of faith and reason! The laws of science!

And thus, no one teaches the Church's teaching about the Virgin birth! Jesus passed through the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Light passes through glass or Jesus' after His resurrection passes through locked doors!

If one poo-poos the Virgin birth for the reasons I write above, then we must do the same with the Virginal Conception of our Lord, His miracles, His resurrection; His giving of the Holy Spirit and His return at the end of time to raised the mortal bodies of all so that these can be joined to their souls, wherever they be!

Have you ever heard a priest teach about the Virgin Birth???????

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John Nolan said...

A priest would have had no need to teach about the Virgin Birth since every Catholic is familiar with it as an article of faith. Even the rump of Catholics who rock up for the Novus Ordo still say 'et incarnatus est de Spiritu Sancto ex Maria Virgine' or its equivalent in the vulgar tongue.