Friday, December 22, 2017


The Pope confirms Guido Marini as 

his Master of Ceremonies

Francis renewed the five-year mandate of the
Genoese prelate called to the Vatican by
Benedict XVI. Disproved the change-of-guard hypothesis 
Pope Francis and his master of ceremonies, Guido Marini
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The Pope did not change his Master of ceremonies and, already three months ago, he reconfirmed for another 5 years, Monsignor Guido Marini, from Genoa, at the head of the office of the papal liturgical celebrations since 2007.  
In recent weeks, even though Marini had been already re-confirmed, rumours on a possible change had spread inside the Vatican palaces. Actually, the relationship between the Pope and his master of ceremonies remains solid and Francis quite appreciates the fidelity of Monsignor Marini, who is tasked with overseeing every papal liturgical celebration: both those that take place in the Vatican and Rome, and those "out" of the Country.  

Marini is at his third five-year mandate in the Vatican. His predecessors were, Monsignor Virgilio Noè (later cardinal), who was the Master of ceremonies of Paul VI, John Paul I and John Paul II from 1970 to 1982. His successor, the Irish John Magee, formerly special secretary of Popes Montini and Luciani, who was master of ceremonies from 1982 to early 1987, when he was nominated bishop of Cloyne. And finally, Piero Marini, promoted from Master of ceremonies to Bishop, who led the office of the papal liturgical celebrations from 1987 to 2007, year he was replaced, at the behest of Pope Ratzinger, by the homonymous Guido. 

Born in Genoa on January 31, 1965, the current Master of ceremonies attended the seminary in Genoa, where he obtained his diploma in Theology. Ordained a priest on February 4,1989, he obtained his doctorate "in utroque Iure" at the Lateran University in Rome and, in 2007, a B.A in the psychology of communication from the Salesian University.  
From 1988 to 2003 he was special Secretary of the Archbishops of Genoa: first Cardinal Giovanni Canestri (until 1995), then Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi (until 2002) and finally Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. Marini was also master of liturgical celebrations of Cardinal Tettamanzi and Bertone, and of Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco. 
 From 2003 to 2005 he was Director of the Diocesan Office for Education and School, where he taught Catholic religion. In 2005 he was nominated archiepiscopal chancellor of Genoa and served as spiritual director of the seminary.  

In Genoa, where he grew up, Marini was called Don "Guidino", because he is tall and thin. In Rome, where he arrived by choice of Benedict XVI, he was esteemed for his kindness, but also for his commitment to put into practice Pope Ratzinger’s liturgical ideas. Someone had hypothesized that the advent of the new Pontiff would soon lead to a change in the ceremonial office. Instead, Francis has proven to appreciate the collaboration of Marini and decided to keep him at his side.  


TJM said...

Pray Sniff on suicide watch. Merry Christmas!

John Nolan said...

However, Francis removed the sound people from Marini's office some years ago and replaced them with the progressive 'old guard', thus leaving Guido out on a limb. And papal liturgies are hardly inspiring - I can get better down the road any day of the week.

TJM said...

John Nolan,

Agreed. GUido must have thought he was being assigned to Purgatory with Francis after being in Heaven with Benedict