Thursday, August 19, 2021


 It was very gracious of the new Archbishop of Philadelphia to allow this to take place. But stop and think about what I just wrote, that the Archbishop allowed it as though this harms the faith of Catholics and then look at the Mass I posted below this one.

The young schola sounds exactly like our young schola at our Cathedral Basilica. I mean exactly! I kid you not.

Something smells rotten in Denmark, I mean, in the Vatican:


TJM said...

Father McDonald,

It was gracious but I agree there is something very wrong with an organization that is so determined to ignore its liturgical tradition. A wise priest I knew once said: there is no one more illiberal than a liberal. It is stunning they are staying the course with a form of the Latin Rite which is not conveying the fundamental truth of our Faith: Christ’s Real Presence in the Eucharist

ByzRus said...

Indeed, expressions of gratitude to H.E. Nelson Perez are appropriate. The Feast has been observed at the cathedral basilica for quite a few years and it is good that it continues. I recognize a handful of faces in that crowd that has so many younger Catholics. It might interest some to know that the cathedral itself fortunately escaped a 'renovation' within the last 10 years that would have materially impacted its appearance. Also, the high altar itself is exactly where it has always been since being installed and consecrated in the mid/late 1950s by Cardinal O'Hara. The reredos behind the altar was commissioned and installed by Cardinal Justin Rigali. It ties into the staircase behind the altar that leads to the crypt. Great care was taken to match the marble throughout the sanctuary. The tabernacle was custom made in Spain and features a significant amount of decoration and engraving. We are not lacking for musical talent up here as is evident.

TJM said...

John Cardinal O’Hara was president of Notre Dame in the 1930s. Ordinarily Holy Cross priests do not accept a bishopric so O’Hara was a rare exception. It is interesting that a Cardinal’s hat is not given for this Archdiocese anymore

MrMatt said...

Father, if you have time, please watch this video, an excellent production of the Latin Mass and theology, it was very moving to see.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Thanks for this. I posted that video a few posts below this one.

Sacerdos Simplex said...

Actually, the altar in the Philadelphia cathedral is not where Cardinal O’Hara placed it. At the time of O’Hara, the altar rested on the top of the third step. John Cardinal Krol, thinking the altar not high enough and visible enough to the congregation, added two more levels to the floor under the baldacchino. Thus, the altar sits at the top of five steps, thanks to Cardinal Krol.

ByzRus said...

Sacerdos Simplex:

I stand corrected! I related the history as it was related to me - the "by who" is irrelevant.

Sts. Peter and Paul is an elegant building that, fortunately, has not been ravaged by "change" of the last 50 years. Cardinal O'Hara enlarged and beautified it (though it was already quite beautiful prior to) Cardinal Krol made it better during his tenure, Cardinal Rigali added that beautiful reredos and tabernacle, Abp. Chaput I think was on the throne during the transfer of St. Katherine Drexel's tomb and some adjustments to the side altars all of which have made it a pilgrimage site.