Saturday, August 21, 2021



Praised be Jesus Christ! Cardinal Burke’s family is pleased to announce that His Eminence has come off the ventilator and will leave the ICU today to return to his hospital room. 

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TJM said...

Deo Gratias,

The secular press hit a new low in its reportage of His Eminence being ill.

rcg said...

Prayers andPraise for the return to health of Cardinal Burke.

And considering healing of the Church as Cardinal Burke desires I recommend visiting the YouTube channel of Fr. Martin Fox to view today’s Mass celebrating the 175th anniversary of St. Remy Church in Russia, OH. It is OF in a solemn and respectful manner. Archbishop Schnurr celebrated. I liked his homily.

Fr. Fox also recently allowed our FSSP priest to conduct a Requiem Mass for a Holy Family parishioner. My wife helped with the activities in the parish hall and was very impressed with the parish and the tiny town of Russia. Fr. Fox is definitely conducting a successful field hospital on the prairies of the American Midwest.

John Nolan said...

The Daily Mail reported Cardinal Burke as an anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist with the implication that he somehow got his comeuppance.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Burke's comments here:

TJM said...

There are a lot of sick in the head liberals out there John Nolan. One just reported in. He fails to tell you Obama and Pelosi (his idols) had super-spreader parties in violation of CDC guidance!

Mark said...

More distraction and deflection from TJM, a master of “Whataboutism.” If Obama and Pelosi did indeed hold parties in violation of CDC guidelines, they should be ashamed of themselves. But did they? I know Obama held a party, but I haven’t heard about Pelosi’s. What is the authority for saying either of them held a party in violation of CDC guidelines? There are certainly reasons to criticize Obama for holding his party, but I am not sure violating CDC guidelines is one of them. I hope TJM will provide the necessary evidence. But remember, it is still all part of his usual strategy of deflection and distraction.

By the way, TJM, we are still waiting for your response to Matt Zeller’s excoriation of Trump and Stephen Miller as discussed on an earlier thread.

This just in: Addressing vaccination and mask mandates, Henry Patrick, an ardent libertarian and Trump supporter, says:

“Give me liberty and give me death”