Sunday, August 8, 2021


 Do these kids look rigid?

Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) capped off their 10 week faith formation Summer Project in Sea Island, GA, with a trip to the Cathedral Basilica of Saint John the Baptist to join us for Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

We could not be more optimistic and comforted to see so many young Catholics fellowshipping together.  FOCUS has played a role in helping many in discerning the priesthood, diaconate and religious life.


Fr Martin Fox said...

Oh my goodness, what terrible people! They are a threat to the unity of the Church!

TJM said...

Father Fox,


They are a threat only to double-knit dinosaurs invested in the liturgical failure!

Here is a statement I think you will appreciate from The NLM:

.the pontificate of Benedict XVI revealed him to be a gentle and fatherly professor, quite generous to those of differing views. He did not harshly sanction those with whom he disagreed. Rather, he sought to teach them, often by example. Liturgically, whilst himself celebrating the usus recentior well, he recognized and respected the importance of the usus antiquior in the life of the Church of the 21st century, and in particular its attraction to the young. The riches of diversity in unity were a reality in many dioceses, and were valued. ...
Seemingly, though, there are those in the Roman Curia who sincerely believe that Traditionis custodes will result in the disappearance of the usus antiquior from the Church. With all due respect to their Eminent, Most Reverend and Right Reverend persons, they are as out of touch with reality as they are with historical fact. Blind suicidal obedience is a thing of the past. They may rekindle liturgical wars and drive people underground or outside the ordinary ecclesiastical structures; they may well frustrate and even destroy Christian lives and vocations; they may increase division in the Church in the name of purportedly protecting its unity (and for all of that they shall have to answer to Almighty God), but this will only serve to underline the importance and crucial value of the usus antiquior in the life of the Church of today and of tomorrow. So too, the perceived need to resort to such drastic measures to ‘protect’ the usus recentior some fifty years after its promulgation is, perhaps, its greatest indictment.”