Sunday, August 1, 2021




Fr Martin Fox said...


I do not wish to cause offense, and I may be woefully ignorant regarding your situation, however:

My experience of 2020 and the pandemic is this: we priests came through pretty well. For one, *we* never missed the opportunity to be present at Mass and to receive the Holy Eucharist. Second, if we were in physical peril, is it not the case that it was due to our bringing the sacraments to God's people? What better way to die? I don't mean to be cavalier, because I realize some priests did, indeed, die of Covid. I do mean that when I, myself, went to visit Covid patients, it occurred to me that if I died as a result, that would be a very good death.

A lot of folks talk about how hard it was for priests, and that is true in this respect: it was excruciating to tell people not to come to Holy Mass; to have Holy Mass without God's People, and know they longed to come! However, my suffering was certainly less than theirs!

TJM said...

Father Martin,

What a beautiful testimony. You are a rate breed. My young pastor, who celebrates the EF weekly, actually grew our parish during the pandemic

V for Vendee said...

Father the horror the horror. 2020 was the year you became non-essential don’t forget that while Lowe’s and Walmart were. The sheep will now follow the wolf over the cliff with glee. The Global Reset is now in 5th gear of not only our church but of once constitutional republics such as our own.

Only Divine intervention can save us now.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Unknown I will not publish your comments after this until you activate your account with blogger so I can access it. You will need a handle as well.