Friday, August 6, 2021


 I don’t hold this against the Holy Father, because if there were videos of my children’s Masses especially at St. Teresa Church in Albany, Georgia, 1980 - 1985, people here would be horrified. But alas…

But…when I saw this video posted shortly after Pope Francis was elected pope, I had a sense of dread. There was clearly a contrast in the liturgical sense between the new pope and the emeritus pope. 

The new pope was certainly formed in the same school of liturgy I was formed or malformed in the late 1970’s. Keep in mind, Pope Francis was ordained a priest in 1969, seven years before I entered the seminary in 1976. And the late 60’s was the pinnacle of the hermeneutics of discontinuity in the renewal and new springtime for the Church—a new Church, a new liturgy and a new reverence in that new liturgy.

But now, we have the new pope who isn’t so new anymore phasing out as soon as it can be accomplished the liturgy of the Church in its basic 1962 form that has existed in the Church for nearly 1,600 years.

Yet not a specific word about liturgical abuse in the new liturgy that is just as divisive, if not more so, than those hungering and promoting the old liturgy.

It makes you scratch your head and wonder where Divine Providence is in all of this, but God is there and time will tell what this will mean:


TJM said...

Ironic that the OF has turned out as the true entertainment model which lefties always accused the EF of being.

The biggest joke is the “unity” card played by PF in TC. Where’s the “unity” with multiple introductory rites and eucharistic prayers? The EF had one order of Mass and was the true sacrament of unity. Now we have Catholics arguing non stop about how Mass should be celebrated while millions have walked away

John said...

I think the liturgy reforms in continuity with tradition under Benedict XVI made sense because we felt and many knew for sure that the teaching from the Pope was the best in modern times. Today the modernist in the Vatican use the repression of Tradition to demoralize us and to set the stage for further modernizing the faith. Today, the liturgical infighting aims to demoralize and desensitize the faithful so that real destructive changes in moral theology might be easier to impose on the Church.

What if a trans-male (biological female)wants to go to seminary? Say, in Washington, DC. Do you think this won't happen? Remember you heard it here first.

Luckylady said...


The world has gone mad. What if my oldest son simply declared himself female or officially identified as female - then broke some state female weight lifting records...?

How far we have come that if any person was to express their problems with this - the automatic lemming-like reply of many nowadays would be "bigot!".

....But a question: if after a few months my son changes his mind and goes back to both being male and goes back to his girlfriend; is he still a state female weight lifting record holder?