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This is scary stuff the worship of the devil through the perversion of the Catholic Mass, what is called a "black Mass." In this perversion, the Sacred Host stolen from a Catholic Church is blasphemed and desecrated. Let me say it again, this is scary stuff and the epitome of hell.

Of course as bad as it is and as scary as it is, it is but a remnant of a war long ago won by our Savior who has already conquered sin and evil and crushed the head of the devil. But since the intersection of eternity and time is experienced on earth the remnant of that completed battle rattles us.

Fr. Z reports the following:

Prayers against a Black Mass

As you may have heard, some nitwits have scheduled use of a public venue in Oklahoma City for the purpose of a Satanic Black Mass.  It is unclear if they have a consecrated Host.
This is, I think, mostly a sophomoric stunt.  It is, nevertheless, a horrible blasphemy.
The Bishop of Tulsa, His Excellency Most Rev. Edward Slattery, has issued a letter to people in his diocese.  HERE
A letter from Bishop Slattery

Countering with Prayer the proposed Black Mass in Oklahoma City
My Dear People:
As has been widely reported, a Satanic Black Mass has been scheduled for September 21 in Oklahoma City’s Civic Center. As a part of Satanic worship, a Black Mass attempts to invert the action and meaning of the Eucharist in order to mock Christ’s sacrifice and worship Satan through an orgiastic ritual of pain and perversion. It blasphemes everything which we hold as sacred and redemptive; and the spiritual dangers it poses ought not be dismissed. Since the Civic Center has not responded positively to the pleas of the Archbishop of Oklahoma City not to host this event in a tax-payer supported public venue, I am asking the faithful Catholics in the Diocese of Tulsa to fight this blasphemy through prayer and fasting:
  1. Please keep the nine days prior to the Feast of the Assumption as an extraordinary period of prayer and penance. I am asking every Catholic to abstain from all meat and meat products from August 6 through the 14th. I am also asking that you consecrate your hunger with a daily recitation of a decade of the rosary and the familiar Prayer to Saint Michael. Printed copies of these prayers are available in the bulletin and at the entrances of the church. Be strong and encourage your friends to also be strong.
  1. On Assumption Day, August 15th, we will ask Our Lady on her Feast, to intercede for us and protect us. On that day I in the Cathedral, and every priest in his own parish, will pray a special prayer written by Pope Leo XIII for the defense of the Church against the attack of the Enemy and his apostate angels.
  1. Should these prayers and this period of fasting not effect the cancellation of this event, then I will ask every priest in the Diocese to conduct a Eucharistic Holy Hour on September 21 at the same time (7:00 p.m.) as this profanity is being celebrated in Oklahoma City. Wherever possible, I ask that Eucharistic Processions – especially outdoor processions – be arranged as part of these holy hours. Let us give a public witness to our faith in the Eucharist which is being so profoundly mocked and ridiculed by this event.
From the snares of the devil, deliver us, O Lord!
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Rev. Edward J. Slattery
Bishop of Tulsa
To download and/or print this letter and the bulletin announcement in PDF format, click HERE.
To download and/or print the letter to the priests from Bishop Slattery which includes both the Novena prayers  and the “Leonine Prayers” from the 1962 Rite of Exorcism, click HERE.


rcg said...

Consider that the city government is likely viewing this as an even handed treatment of religion, none of which they believe to be true. The Diocese must mobilize political effort to disturb them.

Prayer is vital to success, for there is much more at work here for the City to allow glorification to admitted evil to happen on their premises.

Some conspiracies are real said...

Since it sounds too horrible to be true, most Catholics scoff, but Satanism is alive and well (well, not really "well", but thriving). If Jesus came to conquer sin and if the objective of the evil one is to have us destroy our souls, follow it to its logical conclusion: The demon has angelic intelligence and will use it against the Church and its members any way he can.

Of course, the devil's best tool is to make us believe he does not exist and many Catholics have been lulled into exactly such a state, especially with the postconciliar de-emphasis of sin and Confession.

I have known people who were involved in this stuff and it is nothing to take lightly or play with. The very people who have given their souls up to the devil are often those you would least suspect. Many are respectable people. Pope Paul himself admitted that through some fissure the smoke of Satan had leaked into the highest levels of the Church. Think on that for a minute and what that implies. THE HIGHEST LEVELS.

We have had a dysfunctional Vatican for decades. That is not an accident. Look at the attack on the priesthood in recent years and the decline in marriages, vocations and rise in pederasty. None of this is a mere accident and cannot be explained away with social psychology.

We are in a state of war. The best trick your enemy has is to persuade you to be a conscientious objector.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the Satanists will be using the extraordinary or the ordinary form of the Black Mass?

Sarcasm aside does anybody think the bishops really care? The bishops of this country would have more of a problem with the Tridentine Mass being offered than a black mass.

rcg said...

I hate to feed the Troll, but feel compelled to point out for everyone else that the Bishop of Tulsa wrote the letter.

If this is the Anon that is endlessly seeking a nom de cyber I suggest 'Carlos Halfcocked'.

Anonymous said...

In addition to prayers and fasting, which I fully support the following should be done by the good Bishop.

1. Any Catholic public servant who actively or inactively supported this evil...public ex-communication from all sacraments. Go back to an early church punishment and with hold until the death bed.

2. Book the civic center the day after. The Bishop and all of his priest and deacons celebrate the Mass, exorcise the building, then bless it. See if the city is truly "religion neutral" as it claims.

3. Have extra people at the Masses throughout town watching to ensure each and every host (body of Christ) is consumed and not palmed. So it later turns up being used in this evil.

4. The good Bishop has notified his flock. Ok. Now mobilize the Church Militant to oppose this evil. Put political pressure on the city. It seemed to work at Harvard earlier this year.

5. Double down and get ready. We the Church have been absent from the battlefield and the evil one is coming after us. Our people are not ready, and neither are most priests and Bishops. God forgive us and save us.

I will offer my prayers, tell my fellow priests and we will pray for protection and forgiveness.

The Anglican Priest

Gene said...

RCG, I don't know,he has a point about it being a toss up as to which would upset most Bishops more...the Black Mass or the Tridentine. Unless, of course, by Black Mass one meant a Mass exclusively for Blacks, complete with Rap music, dancing up the aisle,and stoles with African flag colors...then it would be just fine.

Anonymous 2 said...

This would seem to be a good occasion for some ecumenical and inter-faith cooperation.

Joseph Johnson said...

This would seem to be a good occasion to stop giving Communion in the hand.

Gene said...

Yes, Anon 2, I think we should reach out to the Satan worshippers…after all, who are we to judge.

George said...

Mark Anglican Priest:
I like all your suggestions especially number 2. If the city of Tulsa can accommodate the Satanists they certainly can accommodate the Catholic Church.

Православный физик said...

Fortunately, the Bishop of Tulsa is supportive of the TLM, and has personally written me about my vocation interest, so I have a fondness of him...everything he's suggesting is correct...I also echo Joseph's suggestion for the end of Communion in the Hand

qwikness said...

I think these guys are atheists. They are just trying to goad Christians. They are really useful idiots of the Devil and don't know what diabolical power they are toying with.

Anonymous 2 said...

Gene: I assume you are making a joke and that you know that is not what I meant. But just in case I have been misunderstood – Satanists are a common enemy of all Christian denominations and all three of the monotheistic religions. It seems like a good occasion and a good cause on which to join forces with one another.

Gene said...

Anon 2, so are Muslims, progressives, and Leftists. You don't seem to have the same problem with them, in fact, you have defended them on this blog. But, again, who am I to judge…right? Oh, and there is only one, true monotheistic tradition and that is the Judaeo-Christian one.

Anonymous 2 said...


You are absolutely correct – I do not have the same problem with mainstream Muslims, progressives, and Leftists as I do with Satanists.

Who are you to judge? Indeed so, since you seem to be so bad at it. Thus you say I have “defended” these other groups. However you want to label what I have said, please show me one place (just one, that’s all, so it should not be difficult) where I have said anything contrary to the teaching of the Church. I am confident you will be unable to. Can you be as confident about what you have said?

Marc said...

Looks like those praying for religious liberty during the Fortnights for Freedom got a positive answer to their prayers.

Every religion is some pathway to God according to Vatican II. These people should be the best Satanists they can be, and they'll probably be saved.

Gene said...

Anon 2, I've never said that you said anything contrary to the teachings of the Church. You and Ignotus are both too slick for that.

Anonymous 2 said...


Please re-read Father’s post about cafeteria Catholics. Now, it seems, I am “slick” because I take my cue from the CCC and defend the teachings in that document – all of them, Gene, not just those I like or find easy to accept.