Wednesday, August 27, 2014


We have begun to lay the marble floor tiles from Italy, of course and are still awaiting the completion of the actual altar railing which is being polished. New gates are ready too!

The first step on the nave level has been extended and tiled with marble. Just doing this has helped with going down these stairs from the top level of the sanctuary. There was something about having four steep steps now reduced to three with a large landing for the forth. It is on this extended step the altar railing will be installed.

As well, the removal of the ugly hand railings makes all the difference in the world in presenting a less constricted area to the eye.

Also we are repairing a leak and plaster damage below one of the "rose" windows in the church, thus the need for scaffolding.


Anonymous said...

If one listens closely, one can hear Jesus cheering.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.

It is so exciting!


Cameron said...

You have very nice pews.

Anonymous said...

At Mass last week there was a small group of what looked like extended family sitting in the first pews, attending Mass together perhaps because the Mass intention was for a loved one or for an anniversary. By their behavior you could tell they were Catholic, but not from the parish (they were looking around a lot. :-). At our parish (St. John Cansius, Chicago), even the OF Masses are said ad orientum, and communion is typically given kneeling at the altar rail. Standing is offered, but most people receive kneeling and on the tongue. So, when it came time for communion I watched as they formed a line in the center aisle, and then saw almost everyone else move past them and kneel. A bit of confusion, and then there they were, kneeling at the rail, a little awkwardly at first maybe, unsure of what to do, but they managed beautifully.
So nice to see this custom of reverence returning in many places. I believe, given the opportunity, people prefer it (unless kneeling is difficult due to health problems.)
God bless.

rcg said...

Nice marble work! Glad you are retiring the water stains and leaks. Those are insidious.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

It is a Mexican and his worker who are doing it and a great, quick job! What hard workers they are. The main guy speaks great English but his helper speaks none.

I've been fortunate with this building in terms of leaks as the one by the upper rose window as been the only one.

The Altar railing is in Atlanta having the final polishing done to it and may be a bit delayed in being installed because of that, which drives me crazy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Father, for re-installing the communion rail it sure takes guts, don't let anyone give you a hard time about it I'm sure some Vat-2 folks priests or lay people hate what you are doing, you will be hearing grumbling so be prepared!! Deo Gratias

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Actually, I went through all the proper channels to have this restoration. (Keep in mind I was the one who promoted and had approved the adjustment to our altar area in 2004 by having the sanctuary extended and elevated to accomodate a dignified free standing altar to replace a horrible one that had been in place since the early 1970's with no artistic merit whatsoever. I also had the existing railing at that time removed. Of course this was all before Pope Benedict's election, although I asked that the new altar be elevated one step with the possiblity of ad orientem Masses never thinking I'd be celebrating EF Masses at this new altar at the time, but I thought even before Benedict, ad orientem might be coming back). But I digress.

Two years ago I intiatied a study by the pastoral council to restore the altar railing. We discussed it and the council unanimously decided to approve it contingent on the Finance Council approving a fund raiser and of course I needed the Bishop's approval. He gave it hinging on us collecting the funds from our fund raiser. Our initial attempt got us about $60,000. Initially I thought it would cost $100,000. Unfortunately the estimate came back as $200,000! So I thought we'd never get the money in my lifetime as pastor here. Then out of the blue one of our older parishioners died and left us $200,000 for the sanctuary. I had talked to her prior to her death and told her about the altar railing and she said to use her bequest toward it, not knowing how much it would be.

So the parish is on board. The only complaint is the amount of money but that was quickly squashed when I told them this was money parishioners gave specifically to this project and called "dedicated monies" which we must legally use for the reason it was given.

Anonymous said...

So very happy to see you have returned the moveable kneelers for those that choose to receive our Lord while kneeling. Memory recalls the lamentations of your parishioners who were concerned when they were removed for construction, and recalls a less than pastoral discussion over the missing kneelers.
Tradition will triumph!

~Denis St. Paris