Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Some of you who have been reading my blog for a few years know that my rectory in Macon is prone to rat infestations. I think they live in the walls even as I speak. But in the past have entered the house and terrorized the rectory's occupants, especially the pastor. The pastor still suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome concerning this invasion. Sources tell me that the pastor sleeps uneasily at night since rats have been in his bedroom and that twice a rat entered the kitchen dining room as he ate breakfast (the pastor, not the rat) causing him (the pastor, not the rat) to jump on the table. The second time the rat entered the kitchen with the pastor there, the rat looked the pastor square in the eye and nonchalantly swaggered to his hideout (the rat, not the pastor).

This morning on our local news there was a story of rats in the subways of New York which opened unhealed wounds in the pastor in question. So he found this video, a blast from the past, which had been posted previously to let you know how rats can be especially when pastors are sleeping, even in their bed! And yes, the ones in the rectory are this big if not bigger!


rcg said...

1) get a male cat from the shelter

2) get a male terrier from the shelter

3) since they don't speak English report them to ICE and ask for a subsidy to remodel their living space.

Gene said...

Rats in the rectory, what'll I do,
Rats in the rectory, what'll I do,
Rats in the rectory, what'll I do,
Skip to my Lou my darlin'.

Православный физик said...

Get a cat, female or male, let them love you, and they'll kill the rats, win win.