Sunday, August 3, 2014


I grew up in Georgia. One hour south of Macon on Interstate 75 is Cordele, Georgia, the watermelon capitol of the world.

When I was a child, at the peak of the watermelon season you could go to the farmers' market and buy four large oblong (not round) watermelons for a dollar! They were great. The same for Georgia/South Carolina peaches, big baskets of large, I mean large, ripe, juicy peaches, ones you had to bite into over a sink so much juice gushed out, for about a dollar.

But I digress.

This video below narrated by someone who has an English accent, which tells you he knows nothing about watermelons, is heresy as far as I am concerned. Has any southerner who loves watermelon ever cut a watermelon the way this Englishman is suggesting? It is heresy! P.S. I like salt on my watermelon too!


rcg said...

Looks like a cute way to serve at a party. Considering the price of produce in UK these days I expect he was looking for a way to spend more time with the melon than just slicing of a 'smile'. Can't trust the guests with silver ware!

Anonymous said...

Watermelon at a party?! NO NO NO,
outside, spit the seeds, salt it huge pieces, jump in the pool or creek to clean up.....silly Englishman.

Oh Father....salt your watermelon. Good. Now it is important how? ie with a shaker or a pinch?

The defender of all that is good about watermelons.

Cameron said...

I cut them in discs then cut the rind off around them. I live in South Carolina.

Anonymous 2 said...

We native English types find the whole topic confusing – What’re lemons?

rcg said...

Anything with Leyland electronics.