Friday, March 21, 2014


The Holy Father's hell fire and damnation talk is quite forcefully stated! He said if the mafia did not change they would go to HELL! Look here!

And this is the Bombshell:

“This life you are living will not bring you happiness or joy. The power and money you have obtained from so many dirty dealings, from mafia crimes, are covered in blood. You won’t be able to take it to the life beyond.” So “convert; there is still time to prevent yourselves from going to hell, which is what awaits you if you don’t change your path.” You have had a father and a mother; think of them and convert.”

When is the last time you heard any pope be so judgmental?  You heard today from Pope Francis! Kudos!


Anonymous said...

Wow. This WAS a bombshell!

Gene said...

The Mafia!?? Give me a break. How about going after apostate Priests and Bishops and those who murder the Liturgy. How about speaking that forcefully against homosexuality and gay marriage. The Mafia? Easy target...

John said...


A Catholic both/and approach, perhaps?

Condemn all sinful behaviour AND present the glorious alternative!—a life of faith, hope and love of Jesus Christ!

As one wise monsignor once told me—the Good News is always preceded by the bad news, i.e., that we are sinners in need of salvation.

Православный физик said...

Good job Pope Francis!

rcg said...

Gene, Pope Francis has kicked the latch on several priests and IIRC a bishop. You my story: the night before I enlisted my father told me (he was Navy) the captain is a son of a gun (edited for frAJM's benefit) but he is your son of a gun. This is my Pope and he is doing OK if not perfect. It's my job to make sure he looks good driving the ship but if he doesn't it better not be be auss I shot the hole in it.

Anonymous said...

As usual I agree with Gene. How about demanding that religious orders that staff schools, colleges and universities around the globe begin teaching the Catholic Faith in it's entirety.

Religious orders, the Jesuits in particular, have done incredible damage to millions of Catholics by spreading error and at times heresy. The situation is so bad that most Catholics do not know what it means to be a Catholic anymore. Who better to reform religious life than the first Jesuit pope who is admired by the entire world.

Aged parent said...

Well, it's a beginning. He has finally found the courage to use the word "hell", and has actually applied it properly.

While I am pleased to read this I obviously cannot refrain from saying that, having found this courage, His Holiness will now show much more of it - especially towards that other Mafia, the one that is eating away at the Church from within, the mafia of perversion.

It is a beginning anyway.