Sunday, March 16, 2014


Last Year's Mass:

This coming Wednesday, our parish will celebrate our Patronal Feast Day and the patron of the Universal Church  at 7:00 PM with a Solemn Sung Mass with deacon and sub-deacon. A reception will follow in the social hall.

I will be the main celebrant, Fr. Dawid Kwiakowski will be the acting deacon and Deacon Donald Coates will be the acting sub-deacon. Please pray for me as I am having arthroscopic surgery on my right knee this coming Friday. Thus I am unable to make a complete genuflection and the EF Mass in this regard is a share in the Cross of Christ for me and sadly my genuflections now are no more than a ugly curtsey!

The following however, was a Mass we celebrated for the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary as an Ordinary Form Mass but celebrated in an EF sort of way. I think this was about three years ago.

The Mass this coming Wednesday will be the Extraordinary Form Mass but with the Missa Orbis Factor, Mass XI, except for the Gloria and Credo which will be from the Jubilatio Deo Mass.


Anonymous said...

Fr. McDonald: "I will be the main celebrant, Fr. Dawid Kwiakowski will be the acting deacon and Deacon Donald Coates will be the acting sub-deacon."

There being only a single celebrant of an EF Mass--a single priest offering sacrifice in persona Christi for all--I'd think you would not be the "main" celebrant, but THE celebrant.

And I'd think Fr. Kwiakowski would not be merely "acting" as deacon, because he was in fact ordained as a deacon (prior to being ordained as a priest). Thus he IS a deacon (as well as a priest)

And that Deacon Coates will be the actual sub-deacon (which role does not require ministerial ordination).

Just as a properly vested bishop wears under his chasuble (as a priest) also a dalmatic as the deacon he is, and a tunic as the subdeacon he is.

Anonymous said...

So...the healing of your knee that took place in Rome didn't hold up?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Actually the healing I attribute to St. Janarius has enabled me to go this long without the surgery. In fact I have no discomfort at all, except on those occasion when I get up from a sitting position without assisting myself with my arms and when I am going down stairs not holding a railing. The torn meniscus moves into my knee joint compromising my stability and it hurts like hell! But it does not interfere with my on going movements although inflammation lasts for a couple of hours. It is a weird experience and I guess what once was called a "trick knee." And tricks it plays on me!

John Nolan said...


The rubrics of a Solemn EF Mass as far as the deacon and subdeacon are concerned are quite precise, so it is essential to have an MC who knows his Fortescue. I seem to recall that last year the paten was left on the altar when it should have been held in a humeral veil by the subdeacon, standing centrally on the floor of the sanctuary (kneeling of course for the Consecration) from the Offertory to the Pater Noster.

Even at the Birmingham Oratory, where the Solemn EF Mass is celebrated every Sunday, the MC sometimes has to intervene discreetly. In the OF, of course, the rubrics are imprecise or non-existent, and the placing and duties of the deacon and subdeacon vary from place to place. But not in the 1962 Roman Rite, which is what is meant by the Extraordinary Form. 'Winging it' won't do, I'm afraid.

Rood Screen said...

Fr. McDonald,

While Henry and John Nolan rightly clarify some important points, I think we all wish you well and are happy you are planning another Solemn Mass for this year's feast. Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Anonymous said...

Father, Pray for the intercession of Blessed Pope John Paul The Great to finish off the work started by St Janarius. I have found his intercession most efficacious! Thanks for the video of last year's solemn OF Mass - and what a beautiful altar. Thank God some churches have been preserved.

Anonymous said...

Father, our young priest when he started saying the mid-week EF Mass where there are a couple of "expert" Latinists who attend regularly was quite nervous and said he had made a few mistakes - no one noticed if he indeed did make any - most are too busy keeping their nose in the missal to keep up with the priest and are grateful to have the Mass to notice - even the "experts". Jan

Anonymous said...

Would you mind posting your estimate of the number of people who are there?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Will do.

WSquared said...

Fr. McDonald, thank you for preaching that sermon-- I greatly appreciate how you're able to take something "relevant" as in "in the news," but to use it as a point of departure for where you really want to go with it: catechesis and how the Mass can form disciples and persons.

You weave it all together so very nicely.