ROME — The president of the Pontifical Academy for Life said Saturday that Catholic politicians should not promote legal protections of any kind for abortion, and called Catholics to promote the Gospel of Life.
“The Church is very clear in this regard. It is a response from the Catechism. It is a great mistake to promote legislation on abortion and euthanasia,” Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia said Aug. 29, during a meeting organized by CELAM, the Latin American organization of bishops.
The Archbishop offered a presentation on Pope St. John Paul II’s 1995 encyclical Evangelium vitae, or “The Gospel of Life.”
Catholic politicians “must stop promoting laws against the life” of the unborn, Archbishop Paglia said during his remarks. “There is no doubt about it.”
The Archbishop said that political leaders should try to improve “bad and sinful legislation” and added that “politicians, both Christians and other politicians, have to hear the validity of supporting and aiding the lives of all, and especially of the most fragile.”
Of that obligation, Archbishop Paglia, said, “there is no doubt.”
Asked about the possibility of censuring politicians who support abortion legislation, Archbishop Paglia said such figures “are certainly in error,” adding that while “we are interested in the condemnation of sin” the Church’s focus must be “salvation of the sinner.”

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My previous post on presidential candiate and former Vice President Joe Biden seems to dovetail with what the Vatican and thus Pope Francis feel and believe as highlighted by the above article on what Archbishop Paglia teaches.

Thus, what is implied by the good Archbishop, is that the Catholic Joe Biden "must stop promoting laws against the life" of the unborn. And he and others must improve "bad and sinful legislation..."

There is not ambiguity or gray area in what the good Archbishop states.

Where there is a right to criticize him and the current Vatican is this:

Placing a censure against politicians, like Joe Biden, who flagrantly aid and assist in laws and behaviors that murder children. The least that should be done is that a clear policy be set that bishops must place a censure against public persons, i.e. Politicians, who first and foremost are Catholic, who flagrantly promote the slaughter, infanticide, genocide of babies who cannot in anyway defend themselves, speak for themselves or create a political movement of "All Babies' Lives Matter." Of course they do as well as Black Lives, because as the Church teaches, ALL LIVES MATTER!

Joe Biden needs to be censured and not allowed to receive Holy Communion until he repents. Why, for the sake of his soul and salvation and also for the live of All Babies Lives Matter!

Once he repents, and publicly so, welcome him back to the full communion of the Church.