Friday, September 4, 2020


 My most astute comments first: 
The problem with the synodal process, which is a problem that evidently angers Pope Francis, is that those who participate, be they hierarchy, lowerarchy or laity, can and will politicize that which they want.
For example, Jesuit Father James Martin, has bought into the LGBTQ+++ ideology, hook, line and sinker. He has been colonized by the godless culture we live in but promotes its ideology under the guise of compassion for people and accepting the person as well as any disordered affections willfully embraced, express and seen as a good rather than a disorder in need of emotion, physical or spiritual healing. In terms of moral and spiritual healing, the grace of God is needed to bring about a conversion, a grace that the ideologist Fr. Martin disavows and actually sees as an evil.
Thus if there is a synod on human sexuality and a pastoral response to the LGBTQ+++ colonizers, Fr. James Martin and those of his ilk, who are many, would hijack the synod, make it only a parliament, take a vote and pass changing defined teaching as it concerns natural law and revealed truth found in Scripture and Tradition. It is truly demonic and insidious.
Thus we see where Pope Francis realizes the Pandora’s box he has opened and is trying in his weakened old age to close it. But he will be unable to do so, short of a miracle, a new and younger more conservative and traditional pope will have to do it.

Pope says synod used ‘parliamentary logic’ when debating married priests

Pope Francis on married priesthood (viri probati): “There was a discussion…a rich discussion…a well-founded discussion, but no discernment, which is something other than arriving at a good and justified consent or relative majorities,” he wrote.
“We must understand that the Synod is more than a Parliament; and in this specific case [the synod] could not escape this dynamic,” Francis wrote. “On this subject there was a rich, productive and even necessary Parliament; but no more than that. For me this was decisive in the final discernment, when I thought about how to do the Exhortation.”
...of the proposals that was most heatedly debated, both inside and outside the synod hall, was the possibility of ordaining married men into the priesthood to try to address the shortage of priests in the region.
In the note published by Spadaro, Francis writes that sometimes the “bad spirit” ends up “conditioning discernment, favoring ideological positions (on both sides), favoring exhausting conflicts between sectors and, what is worse, weakening the freedom of spirit so important for a synodal journey.”
When this happens, the pope continues, an atmosphere is created that ends up “distorting, reducing and dividing the synodal hall into dialectical and antagonistic positions that do not help in any way the mission of the Church.”

This means that everyone ends up “entrenched in ‘his truth,’ becoming a prisoner of himself and his positions, projecting his own confusions and dissatisfactions into many situations. Thus, walking together becomes impossible.”

Walking together, the pope wrote, means to dedicate time for honest listening, “capable of making us reveal and unmask (or at least to be sincere) the apparent purity of our positions and to help us discern the wheat that – up to the Parousia – always grows among the weeds.”
“Whoever has not realized this evangelical vision of reality exposes themselves to useless bitterness. Sincere and prayerful listening shows us the ‘hidden agendas’ called to conversion,” the pope added.


Paul McCarthy said...

Father sounds a lot like the false idol of Vatican II.

The Egyptian said...

IOW, this is not going like i thought it would, so STOP. Do as I want not as I say.
Synodialism kinda blew up in his face, Wiley Coyote style, BEEP BEEP said...

Enough with this Martin guy. He has stayed far too long on the stage. His 15 minutes is up. We no long burn heretics but we certainly need pay no attention to them after they have made their dramatic entrance and finished with their blather.