Thursday, September 17, 2020


Please read very carefully!

Comments are moderated. I alone determine what comment will be posted or deleted. It's my blog! Please do not attack others who make comments here but focus on the content not the person and show charity at all times. Comments that I post do not necessarily reflect my views or that of my Bishop or of the Catholic Church.



Coach K said...

If these rules are applied equally & fairly, I think all would be pleased. Use this blog for information that Is accurate & fair & charitable; promote knowledge & faith instead of disharmony, bias & division among Catholics.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

It's my blog, my home, and i make the decisions. I am the master of my domain fair or unfair.

Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald, I count you as the most fair blogger I have encountered within the Catholic blogosphere.


Mark Thomas

Sophia said...

Sophia here: Great declaration, Father, no ambiguity! No "seamless garment"! I Love it! Way to go! Stand firm-I am with you all the way!


Anonymous said...

Capice? Si Godfather! :)

Anonymous said...

Luca Braci dorme con i pesci

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Padrino รจ godfather in italiano. Non dormo con pesci o blogger annegati.

Anonymous said...

Grazie a Dio!

Bee said...

Bee here.


God bless.

Carol H. said...

Happy dance! Long live the king!

Anonymous said...

I used to enjoy Fr McDonald's contributions on PrayTell and it is what led me to follow his blog here. I don't agree with everything Fr McDonald writes or believes (It's seems pretty obvious to me that the Republican's pro-life stance is a sham and one can absolutely vote Democrat and be a good Catholic), but I've never had a problem encountering opinions that differ from my own. However, I have to admit in recent months to really losing respect for Fr McDonald due to what he allows in his comment section.

If Fr Kavanagh is really posting as many different people just to rile up others, then it's really up to Fr McDonald to talk to this other priest privately to work something out or ban him - especially if they actually know each other and have met before. Having it all on display for the parishioners of their parishes to see would seem to me to constitute a sort of scandal.

Conversely, Fr McDonald really shouldn't be allowing some of his commenters to harass anyone they don't like as "Anonymous K" and to obsess over this priest to the point of derailing virtually any discussion. Broadly agreeing with the blog owner's political views shouldn't be a license to act uncharitably.

But at the end of the day, it's his blog and he can do what he chooses.

Citizen said...

“It's my blog, my home, and i make the decisions. I am the master of my domain fair or unfair.”

I’ve thought this for years here, and said it a couple of times. Father, speak your truth always, most especially when it mirrors gospel teaching. There is so much confusion out there, and we know who is the author of confusion. God bless.

Not K said...

Father K is not, as far as I can tell, posting as different people. What happens is that many of the ultra-conservatives who post here immediately assume that anybody to the left of Francisco Franco is Kavanagh. Father McDonald immediately posts their reactions, right or wrong. Don't blame "the author of confusion" for this confusion.
It's become a running joke and several people appear to be messing with the conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Father McDonald, do you happen to own a cat? :)

John Nolan said...

I post on a number of blogs, under my real name since I have no reason to withhold it. Quite a few commentators use pen-names and there is nothing wrong with that, especially when most blogs do not post anonymous comments.

Southern Orders is unusual in that it not only allows anonymous comments but allows the same person to change pseudonyms at will. It's not difficult to work out from style, vocabulary and content that many anonymous and pseudonymous comments are by the same person, and that person sometimes comments under his real name.

Not K said...

Mr. Nolan, I do not believe that what you're claiming is correct and beyond "style, vocabulary and content," I do not believe you have any evidence to support it.
I believe most everyone here is college-educated and boasts a college-level vocabulary; the content is largely driven by what's posted by the good father.
Your argument boils down to "I want to believe it's Kavanagh, because I don't want to admit that anyone else agrees with Kavanagh and disagrees with me."
It is the same knee-jerk ultra-conservative reaction described above.
(I do not post under my own name for legal reasons, but I'm proud of my facts and opinions. If I were retired like most of the clientele here, I'd use my name.)

Paul McCarthy said...

Father why now? Nothing to do with what happens next week here in Savannah?

V for Vigano

John Nolan said...

Not K

What evidence can there be besides style, vocabulary and content? One can hardly analyse handwriting.

I would rather not believe that someone who posts sarcastic, tendentious and ignorant comments is a Catholic priest. I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but the obvious concordance between some anonymous and many pseudonymous comments is beyond the bounds of coincidence.

Only a bloody fool would think they were all different people.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

John, the blogger platform I use gives me the options of moderating comments, meaning I review them and then post or delete the comments which come to me via email. Or I can simply allow comments to post automatically.

The option I currently use, allows comments to be made anonymously and the one posting can make up his own “handles” or use their real name as you do.

However, there is an option which requires those who comment to register and then I would approve it. I am not sure if that option requires the use of an actual name or an anonymous “handle” like A-2 or whatever.

I am thinking and praying about the latter.

John Nolan said...

Fr McDonald

'Anonymous 2' is a pen-name used consistently by a contributor about whom we know, since he has chosen to give us some background details which allow us to contextualize his comments and have the effect of giving them more weight.

I could post a comment and hit the Anonymous button and yet no regular reader of this blog would be in any doubt as to the authorship. As soon as we put finger to keyboard we start giving clues as to our identity. A recent example:

An anonymous or pseudonymous commentator recently decided to have a go at me, not by producing an argument of his own, but purporting to know my 'motivations'. Even taking into account the difference between British and American English, 'motivation' is rarely encountered in the plural; most people would write 'motives'. Yet the idiosyncratic (though not incorrect) plural cropped up at the same time in a post by Fr MJ Kavanaugh.

Over the years I have engaged in many dialogues with Fr K. I am as familiar with his 'modus argumenti' as I am sure that he is familiar with mine. I have the impression that he can't resist assuming a 'troll hat' in order to be nasty. I am not a priest, but would not dream of being so dishonest.

I can be monumentally rude when I want to be, but to someone's face, not attempting (unsuccessfully) to hide behind anonymity or pseudonymity. You might try appealing to his better nature, and that of other trolls. Good luck with that.