Wednesday, September 9, 2020



From The San Diego Union-Tribune: 

Roman Catholic services will continue on board Southern California Naval bases at least for the next year, Rear Adm. Bette Bolivar, the commander of Navy Region Southwest, announced Tuesday, reversing a plan to suspend most contracts for priests in an effort to cut costs.

That plan, first reported by the Union-Tribune Saturday, would have left base chapels at most installations in San Diego devoid of any Catholic services due to a shortage of priests in the active duty Chaplain Corps. The priests at these installations are civilians and work under contract.

News of the canceled contracts led to a public outcry from religious and political leaders.

“Contrary to previous discussions, this year we will continue contracted religious ministry programs and services similar to what we’ve had in place previously,” Bolivar said in a statement. “We will also continue to assess how best to meet the needs of our Sailors and their families throughout the region.”

Rev. Jose Pimentel, a priest who has led services at Naval Base Coronado and Naval Air Station North Island for eight years, said he is grateful for Bolivar’s decision.

“It’s wonderful news,” Pimentel said when reached by phone Tuesday. “I’m grateful that they realize the importance of the ministry we provide to the sailors, Marines and Coast Guard members — people of all diverse backgrounds — we’re here for them.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, wrote on Twitter Sunday that the Navy should “look at canceling Admirals, not priests.”

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Anonymous said...

There are eight parishes within a 15 minute drive of Naval Base San Diego. There would have been no deprivation.

Anonymous said...

Romulus Augustus, guys if you have not noticed for the last few years its open season on Roman Catholics, could you imagine if the U.S. Navy shut down Muslim prayers??? Just a point here, simply because it is the military does not mean it leans to the RIGHT politically, the entire Armed Forces have under gone "CRITICAL RACE THEORY TRAINING" meaning white people bad and evil and racist yes this is happening in the military. Trump just yesterday is putting an end to it in the U.S. Government but it will continue in corporate America. How much longer must we continue with the Democrat party blaming white Americans for the ills of this country?As a person who has many African-American customers on a daily basis I have not encountered anger, rudeness, or outright hostility! This is the narrative the Left wants you to think that ALL African-Americans are angry at white America, it is simply NOT TRUE.

Anonymous said...

You just gotta love Lindsey Graham, no matter your affiliation...(:

Anonymous said...

Romulus Augustus here, I’m very familiar with San Diego so I recommend Navy personal go to St. Anne’s in the Logan Heights area of San Diego it’s an F.S.S.P. meaning ALL Masses are Traditional Latin Masses!! It’s a beautiful and thriving parish lots and lots of children and families as are all TLM communities!! Get there early because it’s standing room only Deo Gratias

Anonymous said...

The Navy did not "shut down" Catholic prayers. To suggest that it did is simply NOT TRUE.

Pierre said...

I think most of us do not understand the chaplaincy program and how it works. I am actually surprised the government pays for it

Anonymous said...

Romulus Augustus, says you Anonymous at 3:01 PM, they sure DID cease Roman Catholic Masses.

Anonymous said...

NO, Romy, they did not. Navy personnel simply choose a different venue. There is no shut down. They Catholics simply go somewhere else for Mass.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
"NO, Romy, they did not. Navy personnel simply choose a different venue. There is no shut down. They Catholics simply go somewhere else for Mass."

They shut down Catholic services on the Navy Base. They did not shut down Baptist services (though there are Baptist churches in the area); did not shut down Jewish services (though there are Synagogues in the area); did not shut down Muslim services (though there are mosques in the area.) The Navy shut down Catholic services. I can't believe I had to lay this out for you so specifically. Perhaps you don't want to believe the Navy would do such an obviously anti-Catholic thing but they did. They reversed their decision only because they were publicly called out on it. Senator Graham is right - the Navy should be cancelling Admiral "services."