Friday, September 25, 2020


 The gesture of the cartoon character on the left is a classic devil gesture of Italians and more than likely a gesture Cardinal Becciu made behind Pope Francis’ back and toward the Church.

When I was in a very liberal 1970’s seminary, our professors continually complained about doctors of the law, like Pope Francis has done throughout his papacy. It is usually directed toward canon lawyers and canon law. But in practice it can also be directed against civil law.

In other words, it opens the door to lawlessness both in the Church and civil society. In my most humble opinion, I think this attitude toward canon law, rubrics, law and order which “doctors of the law” creates, a denigration of law and those who promote it and leads to lawlessness such as breaking one’s vows made in Holy Orders and Marriage and stealing Church funds and diverting them to other purposes, personal or family. 

This is a little more from an Italian newspaper L’Espresso about the now stripped Cardinal Becciu. The translation is a google translation that I have tried to clean up, although the google translation is how I write, but I digress:

He would have diverted alms money to hedge funds and family favors.  L'Espresso on newsstands today, Friday 25 September, exclusively reveals the truth about the resignation of Cardinal Angelo Becciu ordered by Pope Francis.  After the investigation into the case of the Pence of St. Peter's funds used for the purchase of a luxury building in London for 160 million, the bomb explodes on the cardinal who allegedly diverted alms money to speculative funds and favors for the family.

 Becciu, 72 years old and Sardinian from Pattada, had been "promoted" with the purple, Prefect for the Congregation of the Cause of Saints since June 29.  During his mandate he had entrusted - as L'Espresso reconstructs - the entire Vatican bank to the financier Enrico Crasso, formerly of Credit Suisse: but the management also had a family aspect.  "According to the papers we have seen - we read - the Deputy of the Secretariat of State has requested and obtained twice from the Italian Episcopal Conference and once from the Obolo di San Pietro a non-repayable loan in favor of the cooperative" Spes "  , operational arm of Caritas of Ozieri, province of Sassari, whose owner and legal representative is his brother Tonino ".

 In the papers of the scandal, therefore, the truth about the money of the poor that ended up in the brother and offshore and the reason for the resignation ordered by the Pontiff who now wants clarity and punishment for those responsible.  "The use made of the Pence of St. Peter, a collection of donations for the social actions of the Church towards the poor, is perhaps the symbol of how much the apostolic mandate has been betrayed for real estate and financial speculation  ; a speculation that does not represent a one episodic case but - as L'Espresso exclusively reconstructs - a real method that has distinguished the Secretariat of State under the direction of Cardinal Angelo Becciu. A modus operandi that Pope Francis never liked  who - while speculators, brokers and financial promoters played with the cash of the Secretariat of State and of the Pence of St. Peter - in fact weaved a network of new regulations and surveillance for Vatican finances ".

My comments: I think Becciu could go to prison in the Vatican City State, or worse for him, in an Italian prison where he may truly do penance. There will be others who will go to the guillotine too and I suspect these could be other bishops and priests working in the Vatican. 

This has mafioso written all over it. Pope Francis will need, in justice, to rectify much of the damage this former cardinal, with Vatican approval, did to certain faithful employees in the Vatican including Cardinal Pell and some lay auditors who were actually doing their job and very well.  

The other aspects of this mess and all of it can be traced to Becciu and his manipulation of Pope Francis, concerns not only Cardinal Pell and the injustices done him, but also Cardinal Burke. Becciu is behind the Vatican take over of the Knights of Malta, a lay order in the Church comprised of exotic rich members who donate all kinds of money for charitable means and usually charities supported by the Holy See.

The was a coup led by Becciu of this order, Burke was ousted by the pope and guess who replace him as the Vatican liaison, Becciu. Pope Francis also fired the duly elected head of the Knights and they are still in chaos by what Becciu did. And how did Beccciu profit by his association with the K of M. These are legitimate questions that have to be answered transparently and also what was done with Peter’s Pence which American contribute heavily!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're right that there's a mafia connection here. The whole business is weirdly similar to the Vatican corruption presented in the film/tv series Suburra - Becciu even looks like his fictional counterpart:

Pierre said...

Now Pope Francis needs to get rid of Francesco Cardinal Coccopalmerio