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Below I copy and paste a post from the Deacon’s Bench which is a copy and paste from other sources. How can a priest get up in front of his parish and give a 20 minute homily, that in and of itself would get him suspended in New Mexico, on a conspiracy theory, or better yet, lie, and think he can get away with it? 

And the Diocesan response is tepid and a bit too lawyer-like for me who believes in the prophetic mission of the Church. Thus I have some sympathy, although with reservations, for Fr. Altman and he being a lawyer in another life, but not acting like one as a priest. 

I have to admit I have wondered out loud, but never ever would wonder out loud like that in a homily, if China manufactured this virus as a part of germ warfare and released it to their own people to see what would happen. Certainly a germ warfare technique that kills people but keeps buildings and infrastructure in tact is preferable to a nuclear bomb and its physical destruction. But what a choice!

My only gripe with this pandemic and it is a pandemic and a pandemic kills people when it concerns a virus that has no vaccine, is how the media is using it for political purposes causing all of us to question what we hear even when what we hear is true but it comes from a news channel that has a political agenda. 

In reporting on COVID-19, would it not be better to say, these many people died of Covid 19 and had no other health concerns, like dying of cancer or some other disease. This number died as a secondary result of Covid-19. These many people were diagnosed with Covid 19 but have fully recovered and this is the number diagnosed with Covid-19 but this is the current number. (The current number that is well having been diagnosed is no where near 6 million. But 6 million scares  people not the true number who no longer have it.

Btw, I got the flu vaccine on Thursday night, the one for 65 and older, which is a vaccine on steroids. I asked the person giving it to me if there would be any side-reactions. She said that my arm would be sore where the shot was given but that is it. Lies, all lies. No it was true my arm would be sore and it was. But on Friday I felt like a Mack truck had run over me. I was sleepy all day and sore and flushed but no fever. Thanks be to God I am back to normal, which means I feel like crap but not as crappy as yesterday. 

From the Deacon’s Bench:

Pray for this priest and his flock.


A Minnesota Catholic priest said in a homily Sunday that COVID-19 was man made and released into the public to make people sick.

“We have been lied to. We have been lied to in a huge way,” began Rev. Robert Altier of Church of St. Raphael in Crystal, Minnesota.

The priest spoke for nearly 20 minutes about the coronavirus and cited several unsubstantiated theories about the pandemic.

Altier said the virus has been engineered and its effects have been blown out of proportion.

“It’s time that we start to recognize that we are being lied to,” he claimed. “The work had begun at a lab in North Carolina, then they shipped it to China to finish the work, then it was released so that people would get sick.”

No evidence exists that suggests COVID-19 was genetically engineered, according to fact check website The website said “the vast majority of scientists who have studied the virus” say COVID-19 evolved naturally.

That includes Dr. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, who said “everything about the stepwise evolution over time strongly indicates that [this virus] evolved in nature and then jumped species,” McClatchy News previously reported.

In his sermon, Altier later said he would not trust a potential COVID-19 vaccine and would only get one “if they arrest me, hold me down and force it on me.”

Read more. 

The archdiocese, meanwhile, released this statement in response:

From: Father Michael Tix, Vicar for Clergy and Parish Services 

The Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis is aware of Father Altier’s homily from last Sunday and has been in contact with him. With the assistance of experts in this area, the matter continues to be under review. Stemming from our belief in the dignity of all human life, the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all people and has consistently collaborated with public health officials and government officials in the development of safety protocols for our parishes and schools. Please join with us in prayer for all those who are sick with COVID-19, those who care for them, and for individuals and families affected in any way by the pandemic. May all we do reflect the compassionate face of Christ the healer to one another.


Anonymous said...

The person giving you the shot KNEW what the side effects would be. That person had been informed and was well aware of the Mack truck headed your way.

But, just like our Dear Leader, the current Occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, this person didn't want you to panic.

And that makes it ok for that person to lie through his/her teeth to you.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I would have had the shot even if I knew the Mack truck was coming my way. I don’t believe Trump except for his pro life advocacy, or Biden, except for his pro abortion/massacre of children advocacy or any news outlet except when they tell the truth. But I am an adult not manipulated by your rhetoric/manipulation or anyone else’s.

Lucy Lou said...

I’ve had the flu vaccination annually many times over the last decade and never had any side effects whatsoever.

rcg said...

Side effects to flu shots varies by person as well as the vaccine. Some years the virus’ chosen are more virulent and the deadones in the vaccine can still mess with you.

Why do people not want to get a vaccination? Since Fr McDonald brought it up I don’t feel guilty asking.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I am sure the young whippersnapper has never had a flu shot for people over 65 which this year is on steroids to cover a number of flus which young whippersnappers aren't mature enough to get yet. So yes, I never had a reaction to the shot until this year. Aging is such a gift from God.

Peter Kwasniewski said...

Dear Fr. McDonald:

Respectfully, I would ask that you consider the evidence presented in these articles:

Mosher is a credentialed scholar and a careful thinker and writer.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused by your post. You seem to be talking about two different priests. Fr Altman is in Wisconsin. The sermon about Covid 10 is from a priest in Minnesota.

Victor said...

Vaccines always have some side effects, although they vary from person to person. The latest polio vaccine given to kids in Africa, has actually been producing polio victims, but who cares about the African guinea pigs (sic) when big pharma mammon is involved.
There is always a risk in injecting foreign DNA such as with flu vaccines which,by the way, are only around 50-70% effective. But the vaccine for a coronavirus requires pumping in foreign RNA strands into the human body. That could be dangerous and why such vaccines normally take 5 to 7 years of testing to determine safety levels.
But what is wrong with the God-given gift of immunity protection which allows humans to co-exist with all sorts of viruses as they have since time immemorial? This whole Covid circus is based on science as Saviour of humans, not God. In other words, mammon of big pharma is involved.
As reported this past week, Sweden has conquered Covid-19 by achieving herd immunity thanks to the foresight of Dr Tegnell and others in his team who relied on evidence based science and not abstract computer models to act on this, while most other (ignorant and incompetent) governments as well as WHO did not. Sweden did not lock down, kept schools, borders, and businesses open, and just limited large gatherings at the time when there was uncertainty as to the rate of spread that could have overwhelmed the health system, which it did not.

"No evidence exists that suggests COVID-19 was genetically engineered..." No evidence exists that it wasn't either because China has so far refused to give a complete RNA picture of the original virus to any foreign country. Without that we can never know either way for sure. But it seems more than coincidence that this SARS-CoVid-2 virus first erupted in Wuhan and contains genetic material from bats, and Wuhan is the world's top research centre for bat viruses. I suspect the virus whether or not engineered escaped the lab.

"the vast majority of scientists ..." Since when is a majority the source of truth? Majorities are only sources of power, unless it is a conclave to elect a pope.

"...Dr. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert..." What exactly is an expert? A god? Experts are being treated as gods by the ignorant governments and media. So-called-experts continually disagree because that is the nature of science, which is a process of discovery, not a dogmatic source of truth, or a democracy. In my opinion, Dr. Fauci should be fired at the earliest opportunity once this is all over because he and his team have been continually wrong on addressing major important aspects of Covid-19, and be replaced with someone who is not betoken to big pharma and knows what he or she is doing by relying on evidence based science and not on fosilised pet scientific theories.

Victor said...

Just a few minutes ago I read a headline in the latest Time magazine: "COVID-19 Has Killed Nearly 200,000 Americans. How Many More Lives Will Be Lost Before the U.S. Gets It Right?" Well, this is pure unambiguously wrong information, probably designed to blame Time's arch-enemy, Mr Trump. In the first place, the CDC reported a couple weeks ago that only 9,622 people died outright from CoVid-19 itself, that is, with no other co-morbidities. The remaining 180,000 who died that were tested positive to have Covid-19 present were found to also have an average of 2.6 co-morbidities, and averaging 85 years in age. What killed them? Would they have died without Covid-19 present...probably within the year. Would they have died without their serious 2.6 underlying health issues....probably not at that time.
In the second place, this whole issue of using PCR so-called "tests" for determining the presence of the virus causing Covid-19 is almost a scam. It was never designed for it, and is merely a manufacturing technique for quickly replicating DNA/RNA strands. One assumes that a sinus/throat swab will contain a virus whose RNA/DNA can be replicated. The problem is that the sample cannot be purified for a specific virus testing; for all we know the virus present may be that of a common cold. Moreover, at what threshold do you stop the process of replication? If you go as high as 40 cycles, you may be replicating the human DNA itself! There is no standard. A yes/no answer from the test as is being given is very poor because it gives no crucial information about how much virus the person has. If you replicate enough times you will eventually get a yes on some DNA present. If you replicate only 20 times, then you will have eliminated 90% of confirmed cases of Covid-19. The New York Times itself a couple weeks ago showed the folly of all this PCR testing since in some jurisdictions in USA, 9 out of 10 confirmed Covid-19 cases should not have been confirmed because they were using too high thresholds. And so the circus continues.....

Anonymous said...

"But some of her research in her lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology she kept secret. By 2013 she had isolated the bat coronavirus now known as RaTG-13 and was using it for Gain-of-Function research. The results of this research were not published, although Communist leaders, like Maj. Gen. Chen Wei, were undoubtedly briefed on it. We may never know how many times, or how many ways, she tried to “enhance” it to make it even more infectious and deadly than it was in its natural state. But, at the end of the day, she managed to create, in her lab, a dangerously infectious pathogen."

If the research in her lab was kept secret, how does Dr. Mosher have so much detailed information about it?

Dr. Mosher makes several assumptions and presumes connections between events that may or may not have happened and events that may or may not have resulted from them. Lots of speculation.

Anonymous said...

Victor's claim is easily shown to be completely false.

This is taken from news source Michigan Live. It can be fouind is dozens of other places:

"No, CDC did not reduce the coronavirus death count, despite what you may have heard.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that 94% of the nation’s coronavirus deaths were people with other health conditions, besides a positive COVID-19 infection, at their time of death.

Such data doesn’t come as a surprise to those in the health community, who know coronavirus cases are more severe for patients with underlying health conditions, and COVID-19 infections can lead to more dire conditions.

But the CDC’s data has been misused in recent days, resulting in misleading headlines and social media posts, including a tweet shared by President Donald Trump before Twitter removed it.

Earlier this week, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading expert in infectious diseases, offered a clarification in response to the confusion.

“The point that the CDC was trying to make was that a certain percentage of them had nothing else but just COVID,” Fauci said during an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America. “That does not mean someone with hypertension or diabetes, who dies of COVID, didn’t die of COVID-19 -- they did. So the numbers you’ve been hearing the 180,000+ deaths, they’re real deaths from COVID-19.”


Anonymous said...

“What the Communist leadership… did was much simpler,” Mosher wrote. “It simply directed doctors across China to stop diagnosing and reporting new cases of the disease. Overnight, new cases dropped to zero.”

Evidence to back up this claim?

Mosher wrote there was “evidence that some local jurisdictions have been deliberately underreporting the number of patients who test positive for the virus.”Mosher added that the “warehouse hospitals” built overnight “have all been emptied out in a hurry, with many of the occupants sent home while reportedly still testing positive.”

Evidence to back up this claim?

"Viral New York Post article perpetuates the unfounded claim that the virus that causes COVID-19 is manmade" "Written by Steven W. Mosher, who lacks experience in virology or biological research, the article claims that the new coronavirus is the result of a leak in a Chinese laboratory and suggests that it is related to bioweapons research. Other outlets, such as the Daily Wire and InfoWars, have repeated the same claims based on the New York Post article. Before this article was published, similar or identical claims have been made in multiple outlets, with many based on research findings that were not peer-reviewed and are of dubious validity."

Respectfully, read the article and the very specific criticism of Mosher.

ByzRus said...

I get the under 65 version of the flu vaccine and always have side effects. I suppose everyone's reaction is different. I'm not a little person (I always thought smaller people would react more readily) but, always feel crappy after getting, and invariably, my arm is always sore. Never enough to keep me from going about my business but, annoying nonetheless.

Victor said...

Anonymous @ 3:47:
"The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that 94% of the nation’s coronavirus deaths were people with other health conditions, besides a positive COVID-19 infection, at their time of death."

If you had taken the time to read what I wrote, instead, I suppose, of dogmatically deprecating anyone who defends Mr Trump in some way, you would have realised that the above quote is pretty well what I and the CDC are saying. Only 6% of deaths related to Covid-19 are of Covid-19 only. All the other 94% had 2.6 co-morbidities on average. So what killed the 94%, Covid-19 or the co-morbidities or, in some way, both? That has been the question since the beginning of this circus in February, and the answers given seem to lie not on evidence based science, but on political views.

“That does not mean someone with hypertension or diabetes, who dies of COVID, didn’t die of COVID-19 -- they did." From this answer you can tell which side of the political divide the author comes from. Without autopsies, the circus continues by virtue of ignoring evidence based science. The more common co-morbidities, by the way, are pneumonia and heart disease.

Paul McCarthy said...

No no. I could never believe that a country that killed 20-40 million of their own people in the last century could possibly create a bio-weapon in their labs.

All of this is a result of our Bishops in total consecrating Russian to her Imaculate heart. Communism continues to spread her errors.

Funny Sister Lucia predicted that she saw America becoming Communist. Only the Bad Orange man stands in the way of that nightmare.

God Bless Donald John Trump and all of us need to stand up to the disinformation war that is now being raised against him. Why he said to Woodward is the same thing he told all of us at press conferences at the time.

Our is in the Lord not Lord Fauci and the Scarf Queen.

Anonymous 2 said...

It may help to think in terms of responsibility rather than just physical causation. The 94% with comorbidities would not have died “but for” Covid-19 and they would not have died “but for” the comorbidities. But while death from the combination of Covid-19 and comorbidities is foreseeable (and therefore death from either one when combined with the other is foreseeable), there is generally little to be done to cure existing comorbidities, especially in an urgent situation. But there is much that can be done to prevent infection with Covid-19. So, who is morally responsible for the deaths? Surely those government officials who could foresee the effect of adding Covid-19 to existing comorbidities and who could help prevent infection with the virus by, for example, encouraging the use of protective measures such as wearing masks and social distancing, but who then fail to do so.

Analogously, if a dangerous driver speeds toward a child standing in the street and I, knowing he danger, could save the child without injury to myself but fail to do so, who is morally responsible for the death? Both the speeding driver and I are jointly responsible. Similarly, if China allows a dangerous virus to escape but government officials in the United states fail to act to take protective measures, who is morally responsible? Both China and the U.S. officials are morally responsible.

This is clearly over-simplified—for example, I also have a responsibility to protect myself, perhaps also including a responsibility to take reasonable measures to prevent the development of, or to mitigate the severity of, comorbidities in the first place, and also a responsibility to do my part to protect others from Covid-19 (for example by actually wearing a mask)—but the basic point should be clear.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

A 2 you make some good analogies. I can't speak for Macon, but a big number in Savannah who have died and Covid-19 is listed as the reason in the media, caught it while in the hospital were extreme measures are taken to prevent the spread including others wearing n 92 masks. These people were mainly elderly or in the hospital for serious life-threatening illnesses. The point is the extreme precautions of preventing the spread there did not work.

In terms of mandated mask use in a state or city or community, I am in favor of subsidiarity in making that point. Personally I resent being told from people living in New York or Atlanta, for that matter, that in my small community of Richmond Hill (where there is no city or county wide mandate) that I must wear a mask. Bryan County has an extremely small number who have contracted it and have died, and the ones who have died may well have died if they got the regular flu.

Savannah has a much higher percentage of cases and deaths as does Beaufort County in South Carolina and those communities have a mask mandate.

Where I see the manipulation is not detaling the fact that of the 5 million or so who have tested positive, apart from the 200,000 who have died (and we really don't know if it was Covid-19 or the cancer or heart disease that actually took them) there is no where near 5 million still with it. The vast majority have recovered. What is the number today who have it. That isn't told us.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2,

You realize people in hospice were counted as covid deaths, so they were dying anyway

Victor said...

"But there is much that can be done to prevent infection with Covid-19."

Since the beginning, this Covid-19 thing has been a disease of fear, initialised by the Chinese Communist Party and the politicised WHO, exaggerated by the savant (pseudo) experts of computer modelling, and perpetuated by the Western sensationalist media, which turned it political for their own gains by highlighting certain "facts" and suppressing the more important evidence based facts. I recall in February that this disease was found to be particularly deadly to older folks living in highly air polluted areas, and by the end of February we learned to anyone with serious pre-existing health issues, Italy and France as examples. Governments were slow to react to this, and when they did, they did the opposite to protect the vulnerable, sending sick older folks back to their nursing homes, and then locking down and quarantining the healthy to delay natural "herd-immunity" that would have protected the vulnerable within weeks. I keep mentioning Sweden because it has conquered Covid-19 in a way similar to what Professor Wittkowski said should be done, but who was banned by the lefty Big-Tech for saying so. That is, to let this virus go freely among the healthy but protect at great cost the vulnerable. Had we done so the disease would have become insignificant within a month through herd-immunity like most seasonal respiratory viruses. But fear, agenda driven media, and incompetent "experts" and governments changed the picture which still continues, as southern USA has been showing us for weeks now. Even today the lefty media avoids speaking of the success of Sweden, both epidemiological and economic. Yes, Sweden failed to act quickly at the outset to protect the vulnerable, but realising its mistake acted properly there after by not listening to the politicised WHO and non evidence based "experts."

Since the very beginning, there has been very little distinction made between, in simple terms, dying FROM (OF) CoVid-19 and dying WITH it. Autopsies would have helped, and in Italy they did some which revealed that indeed most people with Covid-19 died of their co-morbidities, but made worse by having Covid-19. They could have likewise been made worse by any other serious respiratory virus like the influenza of 2017-18. We are talking generally about end-of-life folks who are well into their 80's and are very sick from other diseases and whom we should protect as best we can, but who also need our prayers for the life to come. Yet the media likes to talk about the exceptions, exceptions that will also occur from influenza, such as very young people dying, or creating "holes" in the heart, but which is very rare. The fact is that if you are generally healthy and have not been obese (greater than 30 BMI which contributes to diabetes 2, heart disease, and other serious health issues), your chances of Covid-19 as a contributing in death is very low. But the presidential election is coming soon, is it not?

Victor said...

I also keep talking about incompetence of governments and their "experts" in this Covid-19 circus because God-less fear seems to be causing it. Back in early March Professor Ionnadis of Standford pointed out the folly of governments acting with a sledgehammer to stamp out this disease, when they did not even know its spread in the general population and therefore its actual lethality. We are learning now that its lethality is close to that of a bad year of the flu, and by next year, when all the stats are in particularly those of excess mortality, it will probably be seen as to have been within the range of bad influenza lethality. Another important article just came out in a similar vein showing how the reaction of governments and their experts back then was actually based on a "miscalculation," which in my world means "incompetence":

The difference between IFR and CFR is that the former speaks of lethality in the context of the actual infection spread in the general population, whether asymptomatic or not, and is normally obtained by random testing the general population as Dr Ionnadis suggested way back in March and which was not done, while the latter speaks only in the context of confirmed cases which has a very strong sampling bias. The lefty media likes to confuse these because, if it is not beyond their understanding, the elections are coming, or probably both. Using only CFR greatly increases the perceived mortality rate, but it is not an accurate measure of the lethality of the disease for the general population, but it sure does perpetuate fear. The media and incompetent governments and their "experts" are so invested in their positions that they cannot back out of them now.

As an addendum to my previous post above regarding the reliability of PCR testing in the first place, here is an additional article just published that further complicates the picture:

So how does one accurately determine the existence of a Covid-19 infection in the first place? And so the circus continues.....

Victor said...

If I may be permitted once again to add something important to all this, it is concerning the excess mortality rate that I have mentioned, which will certainly not be mentioned by the lefty media before the US elections. Dr Tegnell of Sweden pointed out a few weeks ago that the excess mortality rate in Sweden has gone negative and significantly so. What that means is that there are almost 20% fewer deaths occurring now from all causes than there would normally occur at this time of year based on stats from previous years. This is also happening in USA. In a year or so, when stats are more complete, we will see what difference Covid-19 has made in 2020 to the general mortality rate from all causes in USA. Right now it looks like the spikes earlier this year are being compensated for by the trough now occurring, so in the average Covid-19 may not have been generally that serious in the first place. It seems to have accelerated the deaths of those who were going to die soon of their co-morbidities anyway.

Here is a good source for such information (add USA to the upper graphs or go directly to the 3rd graph):

Note that the excess mortality rate before the CoVid-19 epidemic was below average for most countries except USA. Also, most countries that went with severe lock-downs and quarantines of healthy people still have a problem.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

"In terms of mandated mask use in a state or city or community, I am in favor of subsidiarity in making that point. Personally I resent being told from people living in New York or Atlanta, for that matter, that in my small community of Richmond Hill (where there is no city or county wide mandate) that I must wear a mask. Bryan County has an extremely small number who have contracted it and have died, and the ones who have died may well have died if they got the regular flu."

Let's take this apart.

1. "In terms of mandated mask use in a state or city or community, I am in favor of subsidiarity in making that point."

Subsidiarity does not apply, and was not intended to apply, in decision making in all cases. One person in a neighborhood cannot decide "I will raise hogs in my back yard" and claim subsidiarity as the basis for his being able to make that choice. When the choice impacts the larger community, and especially when the choice may harm the larger community, subsidiarity goes out the window.

Imagine if one neighborhood in London had decided that they would not participate in the WW2 blackouts. No, subsidiarity does not apply to all choices. It does not apply in health emergency situation when the cooperation of all is needed to protect the many.

#2. "Personally I resent being told from people living in New York or Atlanta, for that matter, that in my small community of Richmond Hill (where there is no city or county wide mandate) that I must wear a mask."

What you "resent" doesn't matter, neither does the location of the person who is telling you something. Atlanta, the state capitol, tells all of Georgia what to do in terms of state laws. There is nothing underhanded or inappropriate about it.

3. "Bryan County has an extremely small number who have contracted it and have died, and the ones who have died may well have died if they got the regular flu."

What they MAY have died from doesn't matter. They may have fallen out of bed, they may have had a piece of SkyLab hit them on the head, they may have mistaken roach tablets for aspirin. "They were going to die anyway" is not excuse for not taking reasonable precautions.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2
"Both the speeding driver and I are jointly responsible."

No. only the driver is solely responsible and the one who would be charged with vehicular homicide. You can choose to even put your own life in danger to try to save another but are not morally responsible for not doing so. You may choose to try to save the child but another may not attempt to do so for any number of reasons.