Thursday, September 3, 2020


 I got a new photo app that allows me to do things like this:


ByzRus said...

The shopping mall "cathedral" looks cheap, childish, unfocused, protestant and secular when placed next to the other photos. The liturgical furnishings just look plunked down. Of course, the bishop's throne is the only thing dead center besides the koi pond baptismal obstruction in the aisle (totally and thoroughly annoying for funerals). Somehow, Jesus seems to have come in second place here.

Anonymous said...

Romulus Augustus here, Father Thomas Reese S.J. just endorsed Biden and Harris for the ticket on his Twitter account, it's called "Catholics for Biden". I'm shocked just shocked over this, of course I'm not but funny none the less. Boy the Society of Jesus was so wonderful at one time especially during the Counter-Reformation when they won so many souls back from the Protestant heretics, sadly they have ceased being Roman Catholic decades ago.

rcg said...

Photoshop yourself on the cathedra.