Thursday, September 10, 2020


 Just imagine going up to a person only causally familiar with the various Christian denominations and Holy Communion. Then show them this side by side photo and ask them do these photos represent the same “denomination” or two different denominations, one Catholic and the other Protestant?

Just wondering:


ByzRus said...

Despite the sad reality that they are the same denomination, no, they do not look to be the same denomination in any way, shape, or form.

Anonymous said...

Romulus Augustus here, well I'm very familiar with the "Mass" of The Episcopal Church and if you look at and listen to the Episcopal service from the vestments, the altar, words of the service, altar girls, male and female lectors, Eucharistic ministers both "female and male" the music, communion on the hand while standing, there is NO difference between the Novus Ordo just look and watch any Episcopal service on Youtube, 60 years ago there was a stark difference. One Roman Catholic and one Protestant Episcopal. All the details above are facts, watch both of them and you cannot deny it. Then watch any TLM on Youtube such as Bishop Slattery Emeritus of Tulsa in D.C. a few years ago or Archbishop Sample of Portland as well in D.C.that is the Roman Mass.

The Boiling Frog said...

Any research done on the creation (really, concoction) of the New Mass quickly reveals that its focus and goal was first and foremost to make the Mass more palatable to Protestants, less offensive to short, to make the Mass Protestant. Not a popular thing to say, but there it is.

We NEED a Mass that threatens the Protestants...not because we would wish to give offense, but because ANYTHING outside of the Catholic Church that purports to be Christian worship either isn't worship at all or it's woefully incomplete. Back when our Mass was uncompromised and we didn't pander but took the risk of giving offense...THAT was when we made converts. Now? In most dioceses, we are indistinguishable from Episcopalians.

The Novus Ordo Church, its bloated bureaucracy and its joke of a legacy is a gilded flop--protected at all corners by the leaders of the parallel Church within the Church. The revolution in tiara and cope is complete. Summorum Pontificum has been de-fanged by the status quo and we can look forward to a nice, comfy, long, slow decline. But hey! We earned it! Our parents let it happen. We let it happen. Now we can just enjoy all the "fruits" of our "new springtime"! Kumbaya!!!!

Anonymous said...

Romulus Augustus here, Now we have Nancy Pelosi “the Catholic” on MSNBC yesterday naturally and saying “Mother Earth” is mad that’s why we have the wildfires on the West Coast and Hurricanes on the East. I didn’t realize as Roman Catholics we believe in Mother Earth I thought we believed in Jesus Christ, like Biden another fraud of a Catholic she out and out supports NARAL and other evils and now Father Altman gets attacked for speaking the Truth of Church Teaching, give me a break already. Jim Caviziel just said in an interview the Communists have taken over the United States because we SURROUNDED to them and we didn’t fight back. People you better wake up and realize the day after November 3rd you may not like what you see if Biden wins, the warning is fair and it is the truth God help The United States.

John Nolan said...

It's the same denomination, but the ecclesiology has changed since Vatican II. The first picture shows clearly what the Church wants for the People of God.* It's an ongoing and irreversible change (a bit like the Maoist 'perpetual revolution').

The bishop in the second picture clearly is not up to speed with the new ecclesiology and is fighting a rearguard action which is bound to fail. History shows that counter-revolutionaries are not only wrong, but wicked. Even more so when they are not listening to 'the Spirit'.

Father Mike is an expert on these matters, and can explain them better than I.

*Cardinal Heenan, when he heard this expression which was fashionable in the 1960s, remarked 'Who are the people not of God?'

Victor said...

There is one phrase that explains it all: "Active participation of the faithful above all else..." to be the essence of the new liturgy.

I would be careful with the use of the word "ecclesiology." The ecclesiology as such of the Church has not changed, at least not officially. What has changed is the meaning and purpose of the liturgy. This is a fundamental change that has to be revisited to show that the Church has become deeply corrupted because of it, a change that was foisted on the Church by the later Liturgical Movement typified by Bugnini, Jungmann, and Gelineau among many others in which the silent passive spectator was regarded as being far removed from God.

For those commenting on the Protestant Epicopal liturgy, the Anglo-Catholic liturgy very closely resembles the TLM, even though officially "Protestant," and in the former times before V2 was even occasionally done in Latin.

John Nolan said...

I remember watching a broadcast Solemn Holy Communion from an Anglican cathedral and reflecting that any European Catholic visitor would assume that it was not only a Catholic Mass, but a particularly traditional one, especially regarding the music.

Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...

Romulus Augustus, 60 years ago, I was an Episcopalian, and if one were to watch the two services on silent film, so as to not hear the differences in language and wording, there was virtually no difference between 'mass' celebrated in my Episcopalian Church and the Catholic Mass celebrated at Assumption Parish a few blocks away. I know, because I used to occasionally attend Mass at Assumption and I was amazed at the similarities.