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This is from Whispers in the Loggia, Rocco Palma: 

Breaking Form, Pope "Decapitates" A Cardinal – With Becciu's Exile, A Monster Vatican Precedent

In a 2016 interview with his hometown paper, Pope Francis told La Nación one key to his governing style: 

"I don't cut off heads," he said. "I've never liked doing that."

Yet now, the pontiff has done just that, effectively stripping one of his inner circle of the red hat in stunning, dramatic fashion.

My comments:

There has been a recent string of statements coming from the Vatican and with Pope Francis’ approval, all of which are stunningly traditional, pragmatic and even authoritative:

First, the Vatican told the German bishops, most now heterodox, that only priests could be pastors of parishes because of Vatican II’s theological and doctrine concerning the ecclesiology of the Church. That’s pretty conservative and a no-brainer for the orthodox, but not so much for the heterodox who hate both Trent’s and Vatican II’s orthodoxy. 

Secondly, Cardinal Sarah, with Pope Francis’ approval, stated things need to get back to normal with opened churches and public Masses, a clear challenge to countries, states, cities who have draconian rules against churches having public services compared to public riots and the like.

Thirdly, Cardinal Ladria of the CDF has issued some stunning new directives and demanded a heretical priest, Fr. Flannery of Ireland, agree to the Church’s teaching on the male only priesthood, male and female Holy Matrimony and renounce gender ideology, if he wishes to have his suspension from the priesthood removed. 

Fourthly, the CDF reiterated that the nature of the Church (ecclesiology) the nature of the priesthood precludes intercommunion in response to a very heterodox document from the heretical German bishops outlining their plans to pursue inter-communion: In a letter to Bishop Georg Bätzing, president of the German bishops’ conference, the CDF said that the proposal did not do justice to the Catholic understanding of the Church, the Eucharist, and Holy Orders. 

But even Pope Francis himself recently voiced anger and discontent about the Amazon Synod as though its participants thought it was a parliamentary procedure poised to pass directives opposed to the teachings of the Church, as though these are up for grabs. 

And now, in a bit of righteous anger and rage, Pope Francis decapitates one of the closest advisors he has had and removes from him the rights of being a Cardinal of the Church, a man he elevated to become a Cardinal only two years ago. This sets a precedent that more heads could and will roll regardless of How high up you are in the Church. (Could this one day be the pope himself, if a mechanism is put into place to legally decapitate a pope, or better yet, return the tiara and then knock it off)? 

Pope Francis indelicately called upon millions of young people in Brazil, at the beginning of His Holiness’ pontificate to go out into the Church and make a mess. They have not done so as far as I can see, but the Holy Father in eight short years has done so. Is His Holiness’ backtracking on all of this advice to the young people and His Holiness, himself, starting to clean up His Holiness’ own mess and returning some sanity and stability to the Church prior to the next conclave?

I opine you retort.


rcg said...

I don’t want to be cynical, but Pope Francis has had plenty of opportunity to make changes before now. I suspect it is simply that he believes criminal charges are coming and he needed to act fast to try and avoid financial penalties.

Anonymous said...

Mess indeed. A horrible, dreadful, faith-killing mess.

Anonymous said...

And completely unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Yes, rcg. My take exactly. One rarely gets sudden “out of the blue” changes in years-long management decisions due to a “miraculous” sudden change of conscience; usually there is an underlying, more temporal mitigating reason. But, then, I admit to having become pretty cynical about the current Church leadership over the past few years. I thank God for men like Cdl. Pell and pray they lead us into a “cleaner” future.

Anonymous said...

If we want to elect a martyr for the Faith and a real man, then the Cardinals should elect Cardinal Pell as Pope. He will get rid of the evil cardinals

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Pell will be 80 in June next year.
He has had cardiac problems since 2010.
Also, it is likely his trials and time in prison took a toll on his health.


OrdinaryCatholic said...

As far as I am concerned I don't really care what has prompted him to have a change of heart or mind as long as the messes are cleaned up and some sort of clarity in communications finally come out of his mouth with no ambiguity.