Tuesday, September 1, 2020


Another Vatican II moment or is it! The decorations remind me of a shopping Mall. Very festive and conducive to shopping and redecorating, no?

Holy Family Cathedral somewhere in a Mall?


Enzio said...

Heaven forbid that worship should be festive! We must worship God with anguish for our sins and fear of the pit of hell!

Anonymous said...

Father what is this thing???

ByzRus said...

Embarrassing, for both the bishop and the congregation. What kind of man would want his seat of "authority" to be decorated in this manner? And the hierarchy who leans this way agonizes about the lack of vocations and wastes everyone's time with bicycle rides, pizza parties, ice cream socials etc. to try to drum up vocations who, in the case of this diocese, would only have butterfly banners to look forward to on the day of their ordination? Really?

Maybe just me, but this seems to have much more "curb appeal":

Anonymous said...

Enzio Kavanaugh,

Knock it off. It is YOUR ilk that is ruining the Catholic Church - Mass as a Happy Meal!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. The GIRM is clear that the altar is supposed to be the focal point of the church. How do they justify having it off to the side?

The Egyptian said...

one google search and look what I turned up (I spend too much time on the internet but TV sucks)

This link says it all
it indeed looks like a IKEA build

and the outside

Frequently Asked Questions

from new liturgical movement about this particular"spaceship"

"There are crucial differences between such designs and the usual round, octagonal or irregularly-shaped parish church of today. Their lofty domes are intended to turn human minds to eternity and transcendence rather than celebrate the gathered congregation. Clearly-defined chancels with baldachins, altar-rails or altar-pieces create a sense of procession and directionality within the interior. There are side-chapels and ambulatories for private masses and quiet contemplation, rather than opening everything up mercilessly to the oppressive low curve of the ceiling."

Anonymous said...

Romulus Augustus here, this is in no way a Roman Catholic cathedral in no way shape or form, it has nothing to do with the worship of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as a man I say who in their right mind would even consider this with butterfly banners hanging all around to be place of God? No crucifix, no statues, no kneelers, no high altar, no confessionals, no communion rail, no stations of the cross, and funny no people there to speak of. The Novus Ordo Church is on life support and if you want to continue with clown masses, giant puppets, altar girls, lay lectors, women and men in leotards prancing around the dinner table, hand holding, kiss of peace,communion in the hand while standing,rock, mariachi, jazz, music, go right because it over for the Novus Ordo experiment. On the other hand you can have the True Mass of All Times with Latin, kneeling with communion on the tongue, Gregorian chant, altar boys only, incense, organ music, Mozart, Palestrina, Hayden, Bach, confession, the Novus Ordo is a man-made service created by a Free Mason Anibale Bugnini and six Protestant ministers.

The Egyptian said...

Local Churches: Spaceship Edition - Holy Family Cathedral in Saskatoon, SK, Canada, dubbed "Our Lady of the Millennium Falcon" by the local newspaper when it was first built in 2011.
from the reddit thread

Anonymous said...

"True Mass of All Times"

As Pope Benedict XVI has stated, the 1962 Missale and 2008 Missale are both legitimate forms of the one Roman Rite, respectively called the Extraordinary and Ordinary Forms.

One is not the so-called True Mass of All Times while the other is something else.

To maintain that one the the True Mass and one is not is to contradict the Church's own teaching.

Anonymous said...

Ancient Christian symbol, the butterfly, from 1970. Did they show the rainbow unicorn hot air balloon used for the elevation used on the Feast Of The Ascension celebrated there on FamilyFunFriday at the mall?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Enzio, celebrate what? How puuurrrfect they are and that they have a free ticket to heaven simply for being members of The Club? Those folk clearly have it all over those who are constantly humble and know they actually deserve Hell but for the grace of God, as for ending up in heaven, clearly.

Anonymous said...

Father Kavanaugh:

First, you don't look like an "Enzio". Second, its not a matter of "Festive" its a matter of Subtle "Respect" and Sacredness. There is nothing in this mall...uh sorry church....that even remotely promotes those things.

Citizen said...

Holy hatrack, Batman! How stunningly ugly... And it includes one of my most despised features: The “music ministry” is up front and center guaranteed to put the final touches on distractibility. It’s a concert hall, not a church.

Anonymous said...

This is my diocese. Fortunately, we still have a traditional co-Cathedral with Romanesque architecture that was built in 1910. An extensive fire in 1976 damaged the interior but is was tastefully renovated. It's casavant organ is well maintained. The co-Cathedral was deemed too small for diocesan functions, and when a new subdivision was developed in the early 2000s the decision was made to build the new Holy Family Cathedral and diocesan center there.

Some people - including myself - do not like the design of Holy Family Cathedral. One positive note - a pipe organ was designed to be located to the right of the altar (note the metal bars for attaching the pipes). I don’t know when it will be built.

RE our new bishop - he is a good and holy man who officially supports both forms of the Roman Rite, and his new plan for the diocese emphasizes liturgical excellence in line with the GIRM and tradition. I give him a lot of credit for the good work he has done so far. He was just appointed bishop in late November 2017 - well after the Cathedral was opened (Advent 2011). I’m learning that patience is required to “right the ship” but good things are on the horizon.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

A @ 1:01, thank you for your very thoughtful comment. Didn’t know I has Saskatoon readers! I am glad you still have your co-Cathedral and it sounds like you have a great new bishop too. With time, I hope he can rearrange the sanctuary to make sure the altar is central not his throne. I’m not sure what else could be done in there. The removable directions in the photo don’t help a disaster that doesn’t need disasters added to it.
Hopefully, it won’t cost too much to add some traditional/contemporary art work and rearrange the sanctuary. God bless you, your bishop and the new bishop. BTW, my father was from down east——Cape Breton, Nova Scotia at the other end of your nation’s world.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Removable decorations, not directions, but what the heck.