Saturday, September 26, 2020



Just imagine a conclave in which one of these cardinals was elected pope:

Cardinal Groër of Austria

Cardinal McCarrick of USA

Cardinal Keith O’Brien of Scotland

Cardinal Becciu of Italy

It could have happened, and someone like them in the future could be. What to do? What to do? Oh, what is the Church to do?

Obviously, one would hope back ground checks are observed and there is some kind of vetting policy, but is there, especially if a pope becomes a cowboy and selects bishops from the periphery of the world and then names them a cardinal without even asking them?

We know nothing about most of the cardinals that Pope Francis has named. They come from small obscure dioceses, not from large sees where their tin must be tested. 

How are we to know that a cardinal who is elected pope isn’t a pathological liar, thief, pervert, criminal or all of the above?

Dear God, save us!


Anonymous said...

Bee here:

"How are we to know that a cardinal who is elected pope isn’t a pathological liar, thief, pervert, criminal or all of the above?"


God bless.

Anonymous said...

What is the Church to do? Simple. Open it up to just beyond the 120 or so cardinals. Why shouldn't other bishops have a say in selection of their supreme leader? A conclave of 4,000 or so bishops would not be practical, but could we allow the various archbishops around the world also to participate? Sure, there will be the talk of "experience", that only those clerics who have served in Rome, or studied there, or lived near there, should be eligible for pope. But that would be like saying that only those who have previous experience in elective office should be president. That would have ruled out Donald Trump of course.

I guess one can argue though, if bishops share in the governance of the Church with the pope, are they really doing so if they cannot participate in the selection of the pontiff?

Maybe a little less secrecy in church governance and selection of bishops, and more transparnecy?

Anonymous said...

“Maybe a little less secrecy in church governance and selection of bishops, and more transparnecy (sic)”

Anon, I’m with you there.

Anonymous said...

Choosing a bishop is a personnel issue.

Personnel issues are usually private, and for just cause. The details of the process that ends up with Mr. Smith being made manager and not Mr. Jones is not a matter for everyone in the organization to know. Frankly, it is none on their business. Rather it is the business of the people who are responsible for making the choice.

The same is true for the selection on bishops. It is the responsibility of the bishops of the region to make recommendations. It is the responsibility of the nuncio to follow up and investigate those suggested and/or nominated. It is his responsibility to make a final recommendation to the Holy Father.

The details, particularly matters that are of a personal nature, are none of our business.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous from Sept 29, you may say it is none of our business, but it most certainly is, especially after scandals we have seen over the years, Weakland, McCarrick and Bransfield come to mind. How did they rise to their respective positions? Where is the involvement of the laity? Does the papal nuncio hold "listening sessions", perhaps meeting with parishioners to gather what they see are needs and problems? Is a diocesan profile prepared for viewing on the website so laity can see what challenges face a diocese in the future? Is there any profile of an ideal candidate? By age? Degree? Pastoral experience? Administrative experience?

It is ironic that the Episcopal Church, often viewed as the "country club" church (it was one time called the Republican party in prayer, but obviously the Republican part does not apply anymore!), has an open, democratic process for bishop selection, but the Catholic Church, viewed as a Church with a wide socioeconomic and racial diversity, has a selection process that is more like choosing ABC for the country club, like maybe the Piedmont Driving Club here in Atlanta, the Oglethorpe Club in Savannah, maybe even the Augusta Country Club?

The laity, after all, fund the programs that keep the diocese going (as we are reminded with the "request" that parishes "raise" ABC dollars for the annual appeal, or else it gets taken out of the parish collection). Shouldn't we at least be consulted more on such a selection. And when it is said the pope has chosen ABC for the position, does he actually interview the candidate?