Sunday, September 27, 2020


I have seen two words associated with the "you are fired!" of Cardinal Angelo Becciu by Pope Francis at Thursday night's massacre to add a third word:

John Allen of Crux uses the term defenestration which I had not heard in a long, long time if ever. So I had to look it up. Defenestration (from Old French fenestre, inherited from Latin fenestra which is also the Italian word for window but spelled finestra) is the act of throwing someone or something out of a window.

But others reporting on this have called what Pope Francis did to Cardinal Becciu, a decapitation. This seems a bit more gruesome to me but the act is quick compared to being thrown out of a window left to languish on the ground, cement or asphalt or perhaps rocks and boulders, thorns and thistles. 

Which do you prefer, defenestration of decapitation? As an aside, I have always wondered about the quickness of the guillotine. Is there enough blood in the brain for the eyes in your head which is in the basket and perhaps looking up to see the blood on the blade of the guillotine for a split second or so?

But what does this say about the body of teachings Pope Francis has put forward concerning accompanying in a merciful way the sinner, even the notorious adulterer living with a paramour while still in a sacramental marriage and allowed by some bishops and priests to receive Holy Communion. Shouldn't they too experience defenestration?

I suppose if we use the metaphor of the Church a field hospital, sometimes you have to do amputations (a 4th word for what happened to Cardinal Beccui?)  and other times you simply give palliative care until the patient dies. You can't save the patient's life.

Is what Pope Francis did to the miserable sinner Cardinal Beccui, a defenestration? a decapitation? a massacre? an amputation? And how does this jive with accompaniment and mercy?

I opine, you retort.


Paul McCarthy said...

Father here’s another take of what happened. One I’m more likely to believe. Cardinal Pell better go in to hiding like Archbishop ViganĂ².

Anonymous said...

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Carol H. said...

Father, if the Church is a field hospital, then the Pope defenstrated a quack. But the quack is sick, so maybe he can receive his medicine on the periphery.

Hesiodos said...

Most people are rendered unconscious by severe upper cervical cord trauma due to spinal shock. Therefore it is likely decapitation is a quick route to unawareness

Anonymous said...

Here is a somewhat related headline from the friendly leftist Daily Beast:
“ Disgraced Cardinal George Pell Slithers Back to Rome and Targets His Vatican Bank Enemies”

John Nolan said...

The famous 'Defenestrations of Prague' occurred in 1618 when a Protestant mob hurled two Catholic deputies and a secretary from a third-floor window of Hradcany castle, which signalled the start of the Thirty Years' War. Remarkably, all three survived the 70-foot fall more or less unscathed, which the Catholics attributed to the intervention of the Blessed Virgin.

Getting rid of opponents this way is something of a tradition in Bohemia. In 1948 the Czech foreign minister, Jan Masaryk, fell to his death from a window in the Cernin palace. The Communists claimed it was suicide, but the evidence points to murder by Soviet agents.