Tuesday, September 22, 2020


 The CDF under Pope Francis keeps hitting it out of the park! Wow!

The NCR must be weeping and gnashing it’s teeth or tooth!

Vatican reaffirms opposition to euthanasia, warns such patients cannot receive sacraments 


VATICAN CITY — The Vatican is firmly reiterating its objection to the legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide, calling the intentional killing of sick patients an "intrinsically evil act" akin to murder and warning that legislators who approve such laws "become accomplices of a grave sin."  

A new Sept. 22 document from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith likewise directs hospital chaplains and pastors that patients planning to end their lives cannot be granted access to the sacraments, including both confession and anointing of the sick.

The new text, titled "Samaritanus bonus: On the care of persons in the critical and terminal phases of life" and approved by Pope Francis June 25, also touches on a range of other sensitive medical care issues beyond euthanasia and assisted suicide and will likely be read closely by administrators of Catholic hospitals.

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Anonymous said...

Good for the Pope. After all, the spirit of V-2 has been wrong all along: the giddy revolutionary slogan: Everything is uo for grabs! was never true no matter how many Jesuits say so.

Anonymous said...

Automatic excommunication for politicians who vote to support abortion should be next

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

I will indeed read this encyclical very carefully, because we have "creeping"" euthanasia already in this country which needs to be recognized and stopped. Hospitals and nursing homes, and even hospice and palliative care groups have a sort of "euthanasia-lite" policies which I consider in many cases to be sins of omission. They withdraw food or liquids when the person can still assimilate them. They over-medicate with pain medication to hasten death (morphine), claiming the death is an unintended consequence of the merciful act of easing pain. In reality, many of these elderly patients are not in tremendous pain. But they are knocked unconscious, depriving the person from any sort of ability to perhaps repent and convert should they need to, or prepare to meet Our Lord, and upping the morphine dose until the last injection stops the breathing. Often family members are sitting right there, unaware their loved one has just been given an injection the nurse/medical person knows will cause their death. The family member will say, "Oh, she died so peacefully. She just stopped breathing." Little do they know the person injecting them was fully aware that was what would happen minutes after the injection.

The pressure these medical personnel put on family to follow these protocols is a lot like the pressure we are now experiencing to wear masks. There is a sort of anger expressed, and a sort of accusation that one is cruel and unmerciful to resist the moving a person toward death by removing their hydration or not treating a common ailment, like an infection.

I hope this encyclical will clarify and draw stricter lines between what is compassion and what is killing.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

And with regard to abortion-supporting politicians, perhaps we should start with Nancy Pelosi. Twice last night on MSNBC (or "MSDNC" as Sean Hannity puts it), asked about the pending Supreme Court vacancy, she warned that Republicans would put someone on the court who would take away "a woman's right to choose." (Of course, except in cases of rape or incest, a woman already has the right to choose---pregnancy is not a disease after all. But I digress.) Why hasn't this woman been disciplined by the archbishop of San Francisco? She has been behaving like this for decades. Yes, there may be heavenly consequences for her stance, but maybe there should also be some earthly consequences? Were I a new prelate of that area, I would give Ms. Pelosi 48 hours to publically recant her support for abortion (and while we are at it, her support also for same-sex "marriage".) IF she refused to recant within that time, then I would order her denied the sacraments until she did recant. Period. There would be nothing to discuss, nothing to compromise. Take it or leave it...

The Egyptian said...

No Democrap politician will be disciplined, the thought of losing the churches tax exempt status and the vast majority of bishops spines melt and the ones that do speak up soon have their rears called on the carpet by the rest
It is becoming clear that my church worships money, That is the reason Fr Altman is getting his bucket of grief for speaking the truth, My own pastor has said as much when asked about his sermons, he wants NO trouble, "I'm about to retire", in fact he just did, we'll see how our new one does but I don't hold out much hope