Thursday, May 30, 2019


My parochial vicar, Fr.Drew Larkin departed Monday for a canon law degree at Catholic University. The diocese saw fit to send me Seminarian Will Cook, an ex Marine, and newly ordained Deacon Nate Swann, a convert of mine from St. Joseph in Macon for a good part of the summer.

They’ve turned my rectory into a sports grille and frat house and corrupted me in the process.

These guys are the hope of the Church going forward!


ByzRus said...

Looks like a happy house to me. Enjoy the summer!

Anonymous said...

And here’s to you and the hope of our Holy Mother Church !!!

rcg said...

You should brew your own beer, spirits and make gin. Then cook fresh garden veges and game from your parishioners.

Anonymous said...

If y'all were Episcopal clergy, I suppose the Merlot and Chardonnay would be out, and would be sharing a few at the country club!!!

Speaking of "y'all", one of our retired priests in 30327 uttered that during the Eucharistic prayer in his Irish brogue---"the Lord be with y'all". I'm sure an innocent mistake!

Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald, have seminarian Will Cook, as well as Deacon Nate Swan, been inspired to embrace the TLM (if they haven't done so) via your attachment to the TLM?

As Pope Benedict XVI made clear via his words and actions, in particular, via his Letter to the Bishops that accompanied Summorum Pontificum, the Novus Ordo will remain as the Latin Church's primary Mass.

However, Father McDonald, you are among the "Novus Ordo" pioneer priests who have initiated the restoration, at least on some level (again, the Novus Ordo will remain primary), that will allow the TLM to become part of regular parish life.

I pray that your attachment to the TLM will inspire Catholics around you, lay and otherwise, to embrace the TLM.


Mark Thomas

The Egyptian said...

I can guess which one is the Marine from the pictures

Oh to be in near that good of shape, EVER.

train them well and enjoy the company, it'll do all of you good

Happy summer

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Yes! I do strive to stay in shape! 😇

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

Very hopefully these two men will be good companions for you Father McD. And maybe you in turn will be able to help shape them into good solid Catholic priests for the future.

God bless.