Sunday, May 12, 2019


Pope: It's OK to organize pilgrimages to Bosnian shrine

FRANCES D'EMILIO,Associated Press 24 minutes ago


Cletus Ordo said...

"...but the Vatican cautioned on Sunday that the Church still hasn't ruled on the authenticity of the phenomenon..."

Take note of the above excerpt from the article, because that is the one line most people who read it are likely to ignore.

I think this is a rather irresponsible move, permitting pilgrimages to an alleged apparition site, so long as there is a possibility that the apparition is a deception. And there are ample reasons to think so.

Dan said...

Fake pope. Fake apparition. No problem.

David Burkovich said...

Whether its ruled fake or not, occurrences in my life concerning this apparition have affected me in a most dramatic way. Looking back, I was on my way towards hell. I now have hope that thru God's graces I have a better opportunity to at least make Purgatory. Our Blessed Mother graced me with a chance for salvation by changing me 180 degrees to the better. This was no coincidence, Heaven intervened in my life in an unbelievable way. If there was more space and time I could write my conversion story and anyone reading it would be amazed. I can state for a fact at least for me there was no deception. My wife and especially my children can attest to this fact knowing the before and after me. Even they say it was a miracle and their lives have been changed dramatically as a result.