Saturday, May 4, 2019


This is down right stupid as a commercial, you really don't know who the advertiser is until the end and that in and of itself is rather discreet. It is too long and too crass and too stupid and too depressing.  Who in the Holy Name of God and all that He Sanctifies would want to eat a BLUE MEAL??????? Is this for real???????????

But with that said, Burger King and McDonald's will soon be introducing a new generation of plant material burgers, meaning when you ask "where's the beef" they will tell you it's not in their burger joint. 

They say it tastes like the real thing, though.

So my question is, to eat on a Friday during Lent, let's say Good Friday, a hamburger that is made of plant material and artificial flavors that mimic quite successfully the taste, texture and drama of a real beef burger, would that be a sin against the spirit of the law of abstinence????????




Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

I heard an interview on NPR driving back from Columbus with the rep of the meat industry and the founder of "Impossible Foods" about this. It was pretty interesting. People noted that the taste was good.

Burger King already offers the "Impossible Whopper" in some locations. The patty is made with soy and potato(e) protein, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and heme, an essential molecule that makes meat taste like meat. Impossible Foods make their heme from yeast fermentation.

If there is no meat - and apparently there is not - in the Impossible Burger, I can't see that it would violate abstinence laws.

Victor said...

One of the big Canadian fast food chains (Harvey's- and their burgers are tastier and healthier than anything from the USA based ones) have been offering veggie burgers for many years. They taste very good, and do not try to imitate the taste of beef which I do not think is possible even with artificial chemicals. So if you want the taste of meat, you get meat, but on Fridays I would get veggie burgers.

Dan said...

Would sex dolls for those taking vows of celibacy count as violations of the vows?

It seems to me the veggie burger goes against the intention of abstinence. Kind of similar to taking appetite suppressants when fasting.

Interesting stuff to think about.

Robert Kumpel said...

Burger King is far more likely to take chances and offer something risky like this, as their parent corporation is on the verge of banktruptcy.

BTW, as fast food burger places go, I'd take Burger King over McDonald's any day of the week.

If only we could get In n' Out Burger in Georgia!

Gene said...

Rabbit food. Can't you just go without meat on Fridays? Is it that difficult?

Gene said...

PS A sex doll would involve some form of masturbation, a mortal sin as well. I think you are allowed wet dreams, but I am not sure. The unconscious is the home of the devil.

Dan said...

True Gene, but vows of celibacy do not always mean perfect chastity. Does switching to nicotine free cigarettes mean one is no longer a smoker?

Anonymous said...

The "Impossible Whopper" was not made to meet the demands of the Fridays of Lent. Those Fridays are old relics of an evil old religion. The "Impossible Whopper" is made for the "Meatless Mondays" of the New Green Deal. New York City's Mayor has already declared that NYC Schools will officially have "Meatless Mondays" to wage war against the evil Climate Change. CNN has had articles describing the dangers of meat to our environment. This isn't your stuffy old Religion, Burger King is simply keeping up with the times. That little fish symbol you used to see on calendars on Friday is moving to Monday. (In wondering if the new movement would use that little fish, I decided to search for the symbol of environmentalism. I landed on Wikipedia and found this little quote "The earliest ideas of environment protectionism can be traced in Jainism." Look up the flag or symbol of Jainism.)

Православный физик said...

If I wanted meat, I'd have meat, plain and simple. All one needs to do is find a Greek or Russian cookbook to find meatless recipes for Fridays. But it is not appropriate to fast now as the Bridegroom is with us. Christ is Risen.

Anonymous said...

"Shock is reasonable after discovering that the global average water footprint – or the total amount of water needed – to produce one pound of beef is 1,799 gallons of water; one pound of pork takes 576 gallons of water. As a comparison, the water footprint of soybeans is 216 gallons; corn is 108 gallons."

Impossible Foods was founded in 2011, long before the Green New Deal was mentioned.

Environmental protectionism has it's origins in Genesis 1 where we read: "Then God said: Let us make human beings in our image, after our likeness. Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the tame animals, all the wild animals, and all the creatures that crawl on the earth."

To be given a share in the Creator's dominion means that we are to act as the Dominus - the Lord - acts toward His creatures. As God loves and does what is best for creation, we are to do so also. If we can consume less water by using tasty, healthier alternatives to beef we are acting as the good stewards we are made to be. Giving more people access to water by reducing how much we use is a holy way to serve the Common Good.

Anonymous said...

This isn't about saving water, its about a cows methane production. Also, my conserving water in a place where it has rained for two weeks straight offers little benefit to those living in the middle of a desert. The water used to raise a cow does eventually return to the environment. People who live in regions where livestock is difficult to raise typically don't have diets that are traditionally high in beef. True, they can import it. Impossible Foods might have started in 2011, but I can recall population growth charts wrapped around classroom doors in the 1970's. What is the modern solution to the environmental hazard known as population growth? Would I have an objection to a school having Meatless Fridays for the traditional Catholic reasons? I don't know, but I am sure many would object. Would I object is there were public schools that didn't serve pork in largely Orthodox Jewish (or Muslim) districts? Probably not , but I am certain there are some who would be very vocal against it. What is the purpose of NYC's Meatless Mondays, is it political? Is it religious, . My opinion is that it is both. Its promoting the views of a political party. That makes it propaganda for the indoctrination of a captive audience. I also am beginning to view modern environmentalism as a new religion, a new form of paganism. Is it scientific? Certainly the methods for calculating methane production are scientific. As far as interpreting the results, there might be a wee bit of political bias in that. Does the Meatless Burger meet the abstinence requirements? Was that burger created as an offering to a false god? I don't know but I think I will stay away from it.

Anonymous said...

Using less water isn't fundamentally about making it available to those who have little. And it also isn't about taking water out of the environment. It is about using resources in a wise, Godly way. I should use water wisely because that is God's will.

The views of any party, if they conform to good stewardship, are good views. It matters not whether the justification is political or not. Remember, "Motivations can be purified." Doing the right thing, even for the wrong reasons, still results in good being done. That is NOT to say that the end justifies the means. Good intentions can never justify evil means. But using water in a way that conforms, again, to the concept of Good Stewardship and serving the Common Good is a good thing, regardless of the motivation.

rcg said...

I got the impression that the people in the commercial are replacing troubled relationships with people with the food product. That seems unhealthy, notwithstanding the quality of the food. Dressing up a bunch of vegetables and chemicals to look like a burger is reminiscent of the current vogue of dressing up like the sex we aren’t. Gives new meaning to the word “trans-fat”.

Gene said...

We are stewards of God's Creation and, therefore, should not waste or abuse our resources. However, science has become so politicized that it is difficult to know who is telling the truth or even if they know the truth. Scientific method has long been mixed with political dialectic.