Monday, May 20, 2019


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The woman on the Left is a good caricature of the radical abortion movement---nary a restriction to be endorsed! The sad part too (with Alabama) is that some 60 percent of abortions are performed on blacks---a disproportionately high percentage---yet every or almost every black legislator opposed the legislation. In Georgia, perhaps 55 percent of abortions are performed on blacks, yet blacks make up no more than a third of the state's population. I don't hear black clergy speaking out about it. Anyone got any idea what the Rev. Warnock thinks about it? (He is pastor of Ebenezer Baptist here in Atlanta---I think readers know who used to preached there decades ago!)

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas was interviewed on Meet the Press yesterday and he claimed (rightly so) that unelected judges have usurped the ability of people to address this issue via the democratic process. Had the court stayed out of it in 1973, the issue would have been mostly resolved by now, not to either side's complete satisfaction, but probably more to the satisfaction of the pro-life side, which could at least enact restrictions in a number of state (mainly the South, the Great Plains and in some Rocky Mountain states).