Thursday, May 16, 2019


Cartoon of the day from the Augusta Chronicle:


Anonymous said...

The vanity of today's women.

TJM said...

Alyssa, pure evil

Anonymous said...

"The vanity of today's women." ?

Or The POWER of today's women.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

You hit the nail on the head, when an adult molests, abuses or kills a child in the womb or once born, it is the power of the adult over the vulnerable and quite damnable. Thanks for linking power to abuse of the unborn, born and vulnerable especially to the innocent unborn murdered by abortions and mothers who choose it.

Anonymous said...

Women who exercise their power scare the bejimmies out of some men. They also can achieve great things.

"On 24 October 1975, Icelandic women went on strike for the day to "demonstrate the indispensable work of women for Iceland’s economy and society" and to "protest wage discrepancy and unfair employment practices". It was then publicized domestically as Women's Day Off (Icelandic: Kvennafrídagurinn). Participants, led by women’s organizations, did not go to their paid jobs and did not do any housework or child-rearing for the whole day. Ninety percent of Iceland’s female population participated in the strike. Iceland's parliament passed a law guaranteeing equal pay the following year."

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

WOW, you must be in favor of paying terrorists ransom demands as well. Money, materialism is more important that the lives of these women's children in abandoning their children and child-rearing for a full day. I wonder how many kids were injured or killed while being left alone!

Money, indeed, is the root of all evil. thanks for pointing that out.

Anonymous said...

I meant the VANITY of the modern women. While I won't deny that sexual intercourse can be enjoyable, it is not necessary for survival. Foolish products of our sad culture, like Miss Milano, honestly believe that they are somehow "powerful" if they deny men sex. If that's what they define as "power", then they are deceived.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

The vanity and the mortal sin is the objectification of both men and women who think each has a right to have sex. Women will do anything to please the man even if it means an abortion. This thinking is truly anti-feminist. That's all a women is good for to a man to service him?

this is truly Hollywood's ideology and for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Father.

Abortion is the ultimate escape-clause for pleasure-loving, indifferent, non-committal men.

Men can have their way with women and consequences be damned. If a woman (God forbid) gets pregnant out of wedlock, forcing the man to pay up for his actions, at some level, imposes some responsibility upon the man.

Instead we have a lot of very narrow-minded women touting "feminism" and "liberation" by insisting on keeping legal a practice that is not only horrifying, but gives a complete pass to men and a license for men to use women.

Anonymous said...

If the laws were to be fair, it seems that the man who was co-responsible for the unwanted pregnancy should suffer the same consequences as the woman for the abortion.

Anonymous said...

Far more to the point, the "physicians" who perform abortions should pay the highest penalty, especially given that they take an oath based on the premise of "first, do no harm."

And please don't insult our intelligence with this mythological nonsense about "coat hanger abortions". When abortion was illegal, most women still had recourse to doctors, albeit doctors who had lost their licenses for various reasons. Most illegal abortions were performed by way of injecting various fluids, etc.. Rape and incest? Again, don't insult us. Less than 1 percent of rapes or incest result in conception and, even then, WHO ARE WE to decide who lives and who dies?

I am sick to death of watching long TV ads with pictures of sad-looking dogs and cats with some liberal celebrity attempting to prick our consciences with their maudlin delivery, yet the same celebs will speak out about "protecting women's health" by insisting it is wonderful to force doctors to kill babies that survive abortion.

The battle lines are being drawn. We can no longer say, "There are good people who disagree on this issue". HORSE MANURE. There is nothing "good" about being open to murdering an innocent baby. Such an attitude reveals a deep level of inner selfishness or ugliness that is hard to ignore.

Anonymous said...

"The battle lines are being drawn. We can no longer say, "There are good people who disagree on this issue". HORSE MANURE. There is nothing "good" about being open to murdering an innocent baby. Such an attitude reveals a deep level of inner selfishness or ugliness that is hard to ignore."

Anonymous 3:22 - I agree with you - the battle lines are being drawn. If challenges to laws like those recently passed in Alabama and Georgia rise to the Supreme Court, and if Roe v Wade is substantially overturned, there will be battles, and, I suspect, not in the metaphorical sense.

I think there are parallels between the current abortion debate and the circumstances that gave rise to the American Civil War. Two sides are in uncompromising positions. I think we may be in for greater civil upheaval than we in American have experienced since the early 1860's.