Tuesday, December 11, 2018


If the Church is in schism (and it has been for a while now) the two ultra schismatic sects represented by the National Catholic Reporter and Church Militant is a case in study.

The NCR has been at its version of schism for a long time and as I have written before, I think its publication going back to the 1960's and widely read by almost everyone in the clergy and religious life, has contributed to the homosexual abuse of minors in the Church by encouraging progressive thinking Catholics to act on their whims especially at reimagining sexual teachings in the Church.

You can read the full NCR article about their evil twin by pressing the title below:

Ferndale, Michigan — At the door of the studios of Church Militant in this Detroit suburb, visitors face a picture of Michael the Archangel putting the sword to demonic hordes.

Previously a dispenser of catechetical videos, Church Militant has been transformed into a prime player in the Catholic culture wars by president and founder Michael Voris.

Voris, 57, rejects what he calls "the church of nice," a Catholic belief in deference to church hierarchy and a willingness to incorporate those who sometimes fall short of its teachings, particularly regarding sexual morality.

Claiming three million supporters, Church Militant, with a full-time staff of 34, sends out via the internet for $10 a month per premium subscriber a daily newscast, panel discussion, and various other commentaries, seeking a vision of the church in line with what Voris describes as Catholic "orthodoxy." A visitor who uses the labels conservative or traditional is quickly corrected....


Carol H. said...

I grew up in a protestant family, so I recognize the tactic that is being employed in this article. They state the views of Michael Voris and Church Militant, then make it clear that no reasonable person would hold such views. The goal is to make the reader doubt their own attraction to some or all of the points, and fear the ridicule of others if they were to openly profess such views themselves. This article is a controlling mechanism to keep on-the-fence liberals liberal. Protestant ministers use the same tactic to keep their members from becoming attracted to the beauty of the Catholic Church.

John Nolan said...

There is a battle for Catholic culture, and to suggest that there is a middle ground between orthodoxy and heterodoxy is moonshine.

One can be ultra-liberal or ultra-conservative, but to call someone ultra-orthodox is nonsensical. Ultra-truthful?

TJM said...

The NCR is comprised of heretical writers with few exceptions. The late Cardinal George prohibited their distribution in Churches in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

I concur with Carol and John Nolan's observations

Mark Thomas said...

Church Militant is the latest right-wing, fake news (lies) Catholic blog to have banned me from their Blog/Twitter page.

I called out Mr. Voris for having promoted the lie that "Pope Francis has directed Cdl. Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C. be spirited out of the United States before Wuerl can be arrested by U.S. federal authorities."

Church Militant (as well as Rorate Caeli, Novus Ordo Watch, and so forth) is typical of right-wing Church "news" outlets as they are quick to ban anybody who dares to question their lies.

However, they trash liberal Catholic bloggers/twitter folks who ban conservatives/traditionalists from their (liberal) outlets.

The bottom line is that the Church's two extreme wings, left and right, desire to impose their respective, one-size-fits-all agendas upon the Church. They will knock down anybody who refuses to march in lockstep with their right wing/left-wing nonsense.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...


The left-wing of the catholic church promote abortion and gay marriage. The so-called right, does not. So the left-wing promotes intrinsic evil, the right does not. Get it? There is no moral equivalence.

John Nolan said...

Mark Thomas

I suspect that you were banned for prolixity and repetitiveness, although your views on the papacy in general, and the present Pontiff in particular, are probably heretical.

rcg said...

MT, I am in the same boat. Just this week I was banned from a banjo web site for an offensive post. Small world.

Henry said...

I don't think left/right or conservative/liberal labels are especially useful here. The distinction between Church Militant and the National Catholic Reporter is that the former is Catholic in all or most of its views while the latter is non-Catholic or anti-Catholic in many or most of its views.

Mark Thomas said...

John Nolan..."I suspect that you were banned for prolixity and repetitiveness, although your views on the papacy in general, and the present Pontiff in particular, are probably heretical."

You are, of course, wrong on both counts. I posted one message to Church Militant that resulted in my having been banned by the liars over there.

As I noted yesterday, I dared to question the following lie promoted by Michael Voris:

"Pope Francis has directed Cdl. Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C. be spirited out of the United States before Wuerl can be arrested by U.S. federal authorities."

It is undeniable that Michael Voris — not to mention Rorate Caeli, The Remnant, Novus Ordo Watch, 1Peter5...and so on in regard to leading right-wing Catholic bloggers/Twitter folks — has trafficked repeatedly in lies that were concocted to defame the Vicar of Christ, as well as additional Churchmen.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

I am amazed that Michael Voris (as well as additional right-wing "Catholic" bloggers/Twitter folks who ask for money) has convinced sentient Catholic adults to ply him with money.

The man traffics in lies. Anybody who possesses even cursory knowledge of his online enterprise is aware of that.

Nevertheless, there are Catholics who ply Michael Voris, as well as additional Catholic right-wing bloggers/Twitter folks, with money. Incredible.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...


LOL - when are you going to address your false moral equivalence?

You seem to really struggle between distinguishing what the Church teaches. For all of Voris' faults he doesnt come close to the hate and heresies posted at NCR, which is Left-wing,left-wing, left-wing!!!

Dan said...

Careful Mark Thomas, I believe you've opened yourself up to histrionic cries of "slander," or "libel," from readers of the blog.

Wait. What's that? Mr Voris has rejected his former lifestyle?

Well, never mind then......

ByzRus said...

It is probably fair to say that from time-to-time they all bend the truth to support their opinions. Read critically. If the tone is consistently skewed, move on.