Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Fake Catholic priest unmasked in Spain after 18 years

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Image captionThe Colombian man was found to be an impostor after someone complained that he had forged his documents
A man who pretended to be a priest for more than 18 years has been dismissed by the Catholic Church in Spain.

An imposter priest, not too much different than someone in Anglican Orders, has been found out in Spain after 17 years of faking it!

The article I link below states that the Church will recognize his baptisms and weddings, but not Masses and Confessions.

Will the penitents who did not know and may never know go to hell for all their still unforgiven mortal sins?

And what about all those Mass intentions over 17 years?

Whatever happen to the doctrine of "the Church Supplies" precisely for these kinds of fakeries?

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Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Was it about 20 years ago when we had a similar, though, thankfully, much shorter-lived imposter at the Cathedral? He appeared, new all the names, jargon, had the clothes, and asked for a place to stay. Of course, he offered to celebrate mass and hear confessions in exchange for the hospitality.

The ruse was uncovered within a couple of days and he took off. I can't imagine anyone around here welcoming a "wandering" priest into the parish, even if he has a valid looking ID card from his diocese. I know I'd be on the phone to a chancellor or religious superior before taking in an unknown, unannounced priest visitor.

TJM said...

It would be harder to fake it as a priest if the Mass were still in Latin!!!

Anonymous said...

Is this the priestly equivalent to Seinfeld’s The Puffy Shirt episode?

John Nolan said...

'Ecclesia supplet' would not cover a fake priest attempting to confect the Eucharist. There are women who claim to be priests who 'celebrate Mass'. They do nothing of the sort.

Actually, TJM, I could say or sing a Mass in Latin (in either form) more competently than a lot of Novus Ordo priests, many of whom seem to be liturgically illiterate.

It would, however, be totally devoid of any effect and sacrilegious to boot.

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

Well, it seems to me there are a great number of "imposter" Catholic priests working in parishes in the United States today. They are kind of like rouge cops; legitimately on the police force but using their police powers to break the law. Normally when these types are discovered they are immediately removed, except, of course, when the police chief is corrupt as well. Then it's the honest cops who are fired.

God bless,

TJM said...


Sadly that is the case.

Anonymous said...

Concerning TJM's comment: "It would be harder to fake it as a priest if the Mass were still in Latin!!!"

I was visiting (or rather, observing Mass at) an independent chapel dependent on gyrovague priests for traditional Latin Masses. At this particular Mass the "priest" was correctly "doing the red and saying the black" except that when he came to the Canon, he recited it allowed and with a Classical pronunciation of the Latin. After Mass I brought this to the attention of one of the lay (self-styled religious) leaders of the chapel, and that "priest" quickly disappeared after that "Mass."

TJM said...


Well he wasn't doing the red and you caught him!!!! The classical pronunciation was another give away

Anonymous said...

Ecclesia Supplet would not cover invalid orders, however anyone who confessed to this fake priest would have all his sins forgiven at his next valid confession, since he would not be deliberately concealing any mortal sins which he believed were already confessed. If he were to come to the realization, however, that he at some point had confessed a mortal sin to the fake priest, he would be bound to mention it at his next confession if he could remember what it was.